A Story Of Eljay

For some reason I feel like I should call Eljay Lewa Johnson. It just sounds right. Also Eljay please don't kill me I is fan.

Long ago, there was once a time where Eljay was not phased by red axles and blue pins. He once lived a peaceful, happy life where he played with Bionicle without having to list pros and cons. Back then he was known as Lewa Johnson. THEN THE FIRE NATI- oh wait wrong script.

One day, Lewa Johnson went to Walmart to buy Bionicle. He loved Axon and was excited to learn that Hydro Axon (Which really was Hydraxon or however you spell it) had just came out. He bought Hydro Axon with the last of his college tuition savings.

Later little Lewa Johnson built Hydro Axon. It took him nearly all day without eating or drinking and it was already midnight. But then he noticed something. Random pins and axles sticking everywhere. He decided to go to sleep and ponder on it later.

For some reason however, he could not sleep because he wanted to know what those pins and axles were for. But suddenly his Hydro Axon spontaneously sprung to life and began throwing all the random blue pins and red axles at poor Lewa Johnson. He cried his little heart out as the tiny pieces of plastic pelted him.

Suddenly he woke up. It was all a nightmare. But poor Lewa Johnson was scarred for life by the pins. He would never be the same. This mind shattering event turned Lewa Johnson to the twisted being we now call Eljay.


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Don't judge. I was bored. stuck_out_tongue

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WAT. neutral_face


The mindblowing origin of @Eljay.

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better than any origin story ever


Its da best. Hydro Axon FTW.

Such a sad, sad tale.


Very sad. I can understand why Eljay has become who he is :stuck_out_tongue:

...and then he moved to Iowa and became a corn farmer.

Avatar: The Last Toa of Air. smile

Is Eljay secretly Lebron James? I mean look LJ is in the review intro.

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