A TTV Fan Animation

Hey Everyone!
I made this animation to show my appreciation of the TTV!
Music by the very talented @Cazapar


The animations were made with Flipnote studio on my DSI (so old fashioned, I know!). And the video was compiled together using Windows Movie Maker

@IllustriousVar (73 images)
He’s first as he’s the leader, and Venom’s MOC of him had guns!

@Mesonak (82 images)
Here’s Venom’s MOC of Meso roaring, and then the glass of the screen “shattering!”

@Eljay (21 images)
I didn’t really know what to draw, so I made him winking at the viewer!

@Jon (47 images)
He likes Iron Man and minifigures!

@Ven (90 images)
As the MOCist of the group, I didn’t know what else I could animate besdes his self-MOC!

@Phweffie (91 images)
She likes Zaktan, and I thought flames/fire would be cool!

@TakumaNuva (77 images)
He puts on his heart-shaped shades to block out the flames of Zaktan burning.

@exxtrooper (37 images)
No one really knows what he looks like… (so I stole Prpl’s design!)

@prpldragon (76 images)
She, obviously, likes dragons!

@TenebraeInvictus (122 images)
The guy who recently rejoined the group and who reviews old Bionicle games!

What do you all think?
Is it a good representation of the TTV? Did I do a good job animating?
Comments and constructive criticism are appreciated!


Where is the animation?


Sorry, just added it now!

This is great! I like how most of 'em transform and transition into one and other smoothly.

pause at the right moment and you get Phweffie the hamster


Thank you! That was my intention (the transitions) and I think they flow decently (at the end I got a little lazy, though :stuck_out_tongue:)

Not so vicious now, huh Phweffie?

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whoa that’s pretty cool~!


This is amazing!

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I loved my part at the end. I think the 7 ish years of using this name and avatar have been paying off in the form of fan depictions - my character is always based off my picture. : P


Nice job! I used to love Flipnote Studio, but I was always too lazy to actually animate anything myself. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Awesome! Major props for taking the time to animate something like this.

Next time you post an animation like this, I recommend removing the default Windows Movie Maker title and ending cards. They add a fair bit of unnecessary length.


Agreed; they also admittedly make the video seem a bit…amateur for the lack of a better word. If you absolutely have to use 'em make them flash on screen for only a second or two

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Phenomenal job, the transitions from one cast member to another were very creative and very fluent.

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oh my god, dude this is awesome

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I feel like if this were shorter or faster somehow that it would make a great video intro. Das flash, man.


Deserves some sort of seal of approval.

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Wow! 25 likes in one day! Thanks Everybody!

To all the cast - Thank you!
@prpldragon Thanks! (It means a lot coming from a great artist such as yourself!)
@TenebraeInvictus And what a fine picture it is!
@TakumaNuva Thanks! (To be honest, I’d rather have an intro in color, something that would take me much longer than 4 days to do!)

@decepticonaiden Thank you!
@timmytowntim Thanks! This is my first time using Flipnote Studio in years!
@Rockho I’ll do that next time; I might even animate the ‘intro.’ Thank you both!
@Stoax Thank you! That was my plan!
@Middlefingerstudios Thanks!
@Kopeke_Nuva Thanks! That would be very neat if it got such a seal!

Once again, thank you to everyone who liked and commented! It means a lot!


This is really good, especially considering the software. :smiley:

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I love it, its perfect :heart_eyes:

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I really like this…
Also, Ds for the win

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Pretty shnazzy animation.

You mean recently rejoind :stuck_out_tongue: