A Very Sad Story

Let me tell you a story...Quite possibly the saddest story you will ever read...

Once there was a young man, a fan of Bionicle and Lego no different than any of us here today. He had been a content follower of the Lego line for years, but he was an introvert, and had few friends of whom he'd stuck with over time. Most of them were barely as invested in Bionicle, and Lego for that matter, as much as he was.
So time passed, and he'd become a bit less of an introvert as he was before, but still fairly shy. He was now with a small group of friends, and had a number of acquaintances, but nothing substantial. He had expressed his love for the constraction line that had been gone for, say, four years now (so about right now), and the topic was never really discussed among his group of 'friends' in general. Nobody seemed to show any knowledge or interest in Bionicle or Lego.
Come August and September and the leaks and rumors of Bionicle spread, and the boy is as excited as any other fan. The whole time he had been a part of the online community, interacting with members on fan sites, watching fan videos and making videos himself, and participating in all of the fun events and activities (and hype) the vast community had to offer. He had felt at ease and at home with all of these newly found 'friends' who shared his love for Lego and Lego themes. The thing was, they weren't truly friends as in a physical bond.
The promised day arrives, Sept. 19, and Bionicle is officially confirmed. The boy cheers and pulls out all of the merchandise he can to celebrate the return. He goes to school for the next few days feeling great, even wearing a couple pieces of old Bionicle gear to represent and show off. He gets to school one day and finally realizes: He has no one to celebrate this momentous occasion with...His friends and other acquaintances had barely recognized the theme Bionicle outside of 'that one Lego theme I liked as a kid' beforehand. The boy was shocked that nobody even heard the news or cared that much despite the short amount of time that had passed.
He hears stories on the internet of what he believed was supposed to happen: Friends striking up discussions of how they were familiar with the Bionicle for some time, talks of speculation and analysis even popping up in groups to an extent. For the boy, it was different, as nobody seemed truly interested. Yes, this was a very special event, but for the boy, it just wasn't as special as he'd thought...

Let us hope that for every Bionicle fan out there, no matter their level of interest, there's another fan there to experience it by their side.


This is.....

.....surprisingly accurate to what happened to me.

"Thank you, for summing that up."



I think this will happen to all the fans. Hardly anyone will remember BIONICLE throughout all the years.

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Story of my life right here.

No joke, I am actually serious TT___TT


Wow, I did not think this would hit so close to home with people. My apologies if this dug up some unwanted attention on the matter, not my intention.


This is also me, I have no friends that are into BIONICLE at all and at the moment the only people I can turn to to talk to about BIONICLE is everyone here on the forums and my Bio Bros on Instagram but no one IRL.


This is... My life. I feel a bit sad now, but I should have known by the title. Good story!

No, it's OK. For me, I have to vent it somehow, so I try to talk about it to my parents, who read me some of the stories, but only remember little about it.

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I suspect people won't really notice until the TV commercials roll around. A large chunk of the bionicle fans aren't involved on the internet.

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Best quote for the moment stuck_out_tongue

That would be me. I'm homeschooled, and the two friends of mine who are into Bionicle know too little on the subject to discuss it.

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Hey! I'm also homeschooled! It's just that just today did someone actually recognize that the red and silver figure I was posing on the ground because I was bored was a BIONICLE.


Umm...turns out there was a surprise party that erupted right after the school day ended?

I got a really cheerful and totally true story.

Once, a boy found out Bionicle 2015 gets confirmed during the school day. After school ends he meets with his friends...

They know about it as well.

One of the friends knew about bionicle, but not the about the confirmation, and he yelled "IT'S HAPPENING!"
Then all the friends joined in, except for one, as he did not know what bionicle was.
Everyone mocked him and he was ashamed.

The End


I laughed so freaking hard at that! laughing

I wish... I could relate to that...

@SammySpartan delete your freaking comment imbecile!
jk on the last part
this story sums u- wait my brother likes bionicle, so it sums up most other people

I was talking to one of my friends one day and the topic was our childhoods. I mentioned Bionicle and funnily enough, he loves it as much as I do. I feel ecstatic to be able to enjoy the revival of Bionicle alongside another huge fan.


What was it!!!

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