a W.hopping I.ncredible P.ile of WIP.s

I have a lot of work in progresses

Mini TLK/AOE Optimus Prime:

Robot mode (With some actual TFs)

A back shot.

Truck mode

Size comparison.

IDW Chromedome:

Everyone’s favorite Mnemosurgeon.

His weird “car” mode.

A stud.io render of the completed figure.

Omega Tahu 3.0

Weapons systems activate.

From behind.

Stealth Hunter Revamp:

So 4 WIPs, but which will be finished first?
Who knows.


This is amazing. I love it.

All of the rest are also pretty cool.


It’s really missing the bulk and clean aesthetic of the original, it’s super lanky and greebly, the lower legs especially need more bulk, and the upper legs need to be cleaned up.
At least imo.

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Thanks :slight_smile:

I see where you’re coming from,
But the legs are actually my favorite part of the MOC.
Especially the lower legs.

Nice job with the stealth hunter so far.

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If it wasn’t supposed to be the stealth hunter I’d agree wholeheartedly, the lower legs look good, just not for the stealth hunter.

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I love that weapons system deployment!

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