A Warning/Wake Up Call About Used LEGO Sales

It's pretty sad that stuff like this happens in this community. Whether it be glaring carelessness or just a minor slip-up, we still need to speak up about it and take the proper steps to alert those responsible. Buying used LEGO sets is a big, often emotional deal for fans. Do we really deserve to receive packages full of precious ABS in states such as this?

What are your thoughts on the matter?


I'll be honest: These are just plastic toys, so it seems pretty trivial that some of the colors were off. I really hope he's buying the sets for the parts and not for the sets themselves. That's something even I wouldn't want to do.


He does vintage set review so, yeah, I'm pretty sure he's ordering complete sets in order to obtain complete sets.


I understand where he is coming from.

Yup , this had happened to me on several occasions. I ordered Krekka this summer and instead of a dark blue mata leg for his arm, he had a dark blue Metru lower arm. I ordered Tehutti and Hordika Onewa, one of Tehutti's feet was a black mata foot and Onewa was missing one of his claw clubs. Had to order a second Onewa to get the weapon and bomonga for Tehutti's foot. Recently I ordered Pohatu Nuva and he arrived with both of his shoulder pads missing. Had to order another to get them.


I'll be honest, I lost it when he said stickers.

To be fair though lots of people do take it seriously and even personally so I'll try not to laugh at things like that. Even if the parts are easier to repurpose without the stickers, when you buy it that's what you ask for.

Just look at the picture of the set, if it's used, and determine if it has everything important that you want. If it does, buy it. Use online building instructions if you have to.

There is the one time that I ordered eight BIONICLE sets on eBay and a couple of them were missing parts, but it was a wonderful deal anyway and I wasn't sure what parts I needed to MOC with yet, so I just went with it.

The sad part is this ain't even a recent problem. back in 2012 I bought four of the Mata and all of them had missing as well as mismatched pieces. It took me well over a year to finish Tahu. Onua was missing his entire gear mechanism. Pohatu had been reworked to have both legs kick. Gali was semi close to original except she was missing a bushing. I also bought these under the impression that they were "complete" sets with the canister as well as the instructions. the only one that had its instructions was pohatu and Tahu had Kopaka's cannister lid. but on the other hand I got a pristine Tahu Nuva last year for $9.99 so maybe i got lucky that time. but seriously i think people are getting just lazy with their sales.


I always shop on Ebay, and by what I see in the pictures. This means that I will know exactly what I will be getting, and I have the Ebay buyer protection policy in case things don't match up.


I just watched this video and it's an issue for a collector of sets (like JANG), not an issue for a collector of parts (just going by some of the comments here). Though it should be an issue regardless when a seller is not completely honest with an item they're selling.

When a listing has it as complete, you as a buyer are expecting all of its original parts (including any sticker sheets) intact. So of course you're going to be annoyed or upset when your purchase comes in and is missing parts, sticker sheets, or doesn't have the correct pieces, not to mention the poor way the items were packed.


I once ordered a package from eBay

it was labeled "BIONICLE PARTS"

Very clear

And I obtained a bucket

of Galidor parts


Ek, I really hope you're trolling. :stuck_out_tongue:


I'm not


You poor, poor human being. :cry:


This bucket of Galidor parts is at my feet as a type


Spencer will be jelly

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He already is


Today I got Barraki Mantax in the mail. Whem I ordered him the description said, "Complete with all pieces and both squids. So he arrives and I open him to find that one of his arms is not the Rahkshi limb, but another toa metru lower arm piece in black. He also had both the spikes on is head missing, but I used parts from my collection to find some spares, and he was missing one of his squids. I had to rip off Nivawks leg for him to have the right arm, but I don't like taking pieces from sets I want to keep in tact.


I once ordered all six Toa Mata. The seller sent me box full of fake lego parts frowning literally the saddest day of my life cry


You poor, poor souls. :cry: