A whole bunch of flying mammals

Croissant v2

Even after the wars, Croissant still worked as a thief. He also gained some muscle and height. During the war he learned that his name has been misspelled and that the i should be put after the o and not a, thus he legally changed his name to be grammatically correct.
Sadly I didn’t think of building some custom hips, thus he is awkward to pose

Trivia I guess

After Monopoly updated her Toast, I decided it was time to revamp my older Bats, Croissant was the first of them. Though I needed some time to be motivated to actually get through with it, which was yesterday. I was planning to finish a bug, but bats were more important to me. And they are a whole lot more fun tbh.

Baguette v2

After the wars were finished Baguette decided to run an underground fighting ring, as she was unable to get a new job and wanted to do something other than reading her five books over and over again.
During a nasty fight between Garlic and a repurposed Hazbat, which’s model was not authorised to be used during the war as the model was unstable, the Hazbat exploded, killed Garlic, and caused Baguette to lose her right leg and two of her wings.
Ever since that happening the fighting ring has remained closed, as death wasn’t really something they wanted to go through again.

More Trivia?

I reused the wings for a different Moc, thus I decided to redesign her as well. I had a bit of cloth lying around and used that for her, as it looked cool. The “blade leg” was also added for the same reasons.


Rødgrød was never a big fan of Halloween and likes to make pretty harmless jokes about her sister, Pumpkin, being such a big fan of it, such as sending her bad horror movies as Halloween gifts, but she spends most of her time by going to parties with some of her friends.
Recently she got to be friends with a pretty fun rat. She was one of Garlic’s friends, though just before he died. After he died she was kinda sad for a few weeks. A Gekko, known as Skjaldbreiður helped her recover from her sadness, by inviting her to a birthday party.


Köttbullar is a Swedish Bat, she is thought to work at an Ikea, due to others forgetting that there are other places in Sweden she could be working at.
She in reality is a cook, working at the, recently turned vegan, Restaurant Gusteau’s. She also doesn’t live in Sweden anymore, due to her wanting to work at a French restaurant, which ended up being Gusteau’s.

Some more Trivia-like stuff

I put some wings on her lower legs, which sadly aren’t clearly visible in the main image thus I took an additional photo showing them more clearly:

Mainly built her due to having those nice, big yellow and blue wings.
Also, for those who don’t know Gusteau’s is the restaurant from Ratatouille, which is the best animated movie.

Macaroon v2

After being released from prison, she let Jelly steal even more stuff until both of them got bored of it and decided to just stop.
After that they decided to sell the stolen goods, buy the prison Macaroon was in and rebuild it into a house for them to live in.


Very few changes, just added some blue, replaced the Pakaris and gave her a staff.


Still the same person as before, just a bit more edgy.
The only reason for him to still be in office is that nobody else wants the job.
Yeah, that is it. There is no other reason. Well at least the prison is gone, maybe he will give up his job sooner or later.

More of those text-boxes

The changes are mostly invisible, as I added in just some more pieces like spikes and studs.

I will probably use this topic to post future bats, unless I forget it.



great work, also this sentence was unreasonably funny to me


so they were bat pictures…

Uh anyway they look like nice mocs. my favorite is the lime and black one.


kottbullar looks the best!


Fun to read all the cultural crossover. Love em all! And the Ikea line made me laugh


I love this. The story is great! And hilarious!


Baguette looks pretty neat


so you have finally become a simp

welcome to the bat side, we’re pleased to have you


Ah, another soul lost to simpery. Not all of us can see the light.


Thank you.

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New bat, while this one is a few days old, I have no name or backstory yet.


Looks sinister


Halloween bat perhaps?



Yeah probably


New Bat is thi–

I mean–it’s got the color scheme of the ghosts from Ninjago’s 2015 Possession line! That’s awesome! (Like actually, I really like that color scheme.) The claws are neat too.

As for the rest, since I apparently never commented on them before, they all look really good. Croissant is especially impressive. Also I appreciate the proliferation of mask-thighs. =P


Oh thank you very much.

Yeah that colour scheme was fun.





Picture of the Bat from earlier with better lighting. Also I finally gave her a name.

Baguette v2

I gave her some more armour and a different weapon.

Additional Picture

All of the blue bats

Jelly v2

Copied Blueberries thigh design and added a scarf.

Ghost Pepper

Ghost Pepper and her sister, Blackberry, are the last descendants of a line of magicians.
Ghost Pepper decided to specialise in modern magic, though nobody has a clue what that is supposed to mean.
She mainly uses her magic for theatre, having collaborated with Garrum as an actor in some of the plays.


Blackberry on the other hand uses ancient magic, allowing her to cast light based magic and use a kind of necromancy.
Unlike her sister she uses her magic for her own profit… by committing crimes. Of course.
She has aided “The One” multiple times, including the Blueberry case.



■■■■■■■■■■■ is known as The One, due to him being pretty narcissistic.
He secretly runs most criminal organisations from small gangs to the BRI, a highly dangerous probably terrorist organisation founded by former soldiers.
He has become something like friends with Blackberry, who aids him with her magic powers.

Caramel v2 ig

So I had to use the Skrall pieces for another moc, thus I had her lying around without legs, and decided to redesign her a bit.

Rødgrød v2

She is symmetrical now and the Mata red is gone.

I thought it was time to throw some new or updated bats on here, so that is what I did.


good thing I hadn’t drawn her yet

also what kind of food is


He is so secretive, he won’t say. All we know is that @Sonus is out to get him.



None, just a mesh of letters with some specific letters to have it censored.