A word about Meme Replies

There we go, an explanation. You're doing this as a deterrent. Now, I definitely don't know if this will work (I think it'll work a little bit, but won't have a large enough impact to matter much, but that's just me), but hey, you're optimistic about it. Now that I understand it's a deterrent and it's based on data usage, I have a reasonable explanation. I wish that was given to everyone in the first place, and as directly as you just put it, maybe people would've argued a bit less about issues that, as it turns out, weren't that relevant to the problem.


Seem to be getting a weird error, it doesn't let me post says 'unspecified error' and then shows an additional reply to whoever I'm quoting - so if it multiposts this, please delete the duplicates :L

As Kahi/Jon has now clarified, unfortunately this wouldn't work. Would have been great if it did though.

This rule as stated by Eljay, seems to encourage the combination of both an image and text in a singular post. As you mention later its idea is to defer people from just posting a meme without contributing to discussion, that i understand - just a deterrent wont have an effect if the rules regarding the image posting are unclear and i feel the level of relevant text may need to be decided so that people can contribute.

As said by myself and others, your boards, your choices and things. Very few people have issue with the rule, if any, its just the phrasing and unclear nature of the rule that seem to be causing confusion.

As you mentioned, you determine what is spam - so what level of relevancy or how many words determine if a meme with a bit of text above is breaking the rule is unclear to the general user - and they ideally need to have a general idea so they can follow the rule effectivel.

Its just by bringing up the amusement angle it added a factor that didn't seem connected to the rule, by not mentioning it, things would likely have passed smoothly with this just being viewed as a mild addition to one of the previously established rules about not posting solely images or aspects that don't contribute to discussion (The rule that closed topics such as the CTRL+V topic)

Ah ok, didn't realise that was how it works. I suppose it makes sense with preserving aspects, though can see why memes and things would not be worth storing. Odd that it also happens with aspects hosted on other sites and posted to the boards.

Can see why this sort of deterrent is necessary now, though admittedly it will only be effective if it is not only followed, but also convinces members not to upload images as much - which unfortunately is going to be difficult considering that fans are trying to keep themes like Bionicle alive by doing MOC's or artwork, which while they are the intended thing to store on the boards, are becoming more popular meaning more images.


Yeah I believe so

This sure blew up since I've been gone...

Anyway, I think that people really have been overreacting and misinterpreting the rule (myself included). After thinking about it a little, it's pretty obvious that this rule isn't going to really negatively affect the Boards in any way. Memes are still allowed, just make sure to add a little bit of worthwhile discussion as well. I always find it kinda sad when I see MoCs that people work really hard on and just get joke replies and similar things...


I'd like to put in my two cents.

I see that sometimes, a picture can really streamline the discussion. (Notably in the example often referred to above.) As has been mentioned before, it reduces the likelihood of a miscommunication significantly.

However, from what I've seen, this is seldom the case. I often see memes used as jokes in topics instead of people actually attempting to add to conversation. This hasn't personally happened to me, but I can see why it would annoy the creators. When I create a topic, I want to hear people's thoughts. It would be really annoying to see I had a reply to my MOC, and have it be a "triggered" meme.


These are pretty much my overall thoughts. When a joke works and actually adds, it's fine. It can be funny and make the topic more enjoyable.

However, it often doesn't work and contributes to spam.


This entire discussion has been quite interesting, and honestly entertaining. Let's be honest here, what did we even lose? Posts containing a single meme or video? Cool.

...tell me again how that's important?


It's kind of funny what people will do for their memes. Memes aren't even banned, and if anything this'll help the site run better, which I'm quite sure we all want.


So I don't mean to stir the furnace but do quotes count? Because...

Sorry @Eljay.


To be fair, it is a video, not an image...

But this is still pretty funny.

  1. Videos don't get rehosted to our server. But they can also be spam, so be careful with that.
  2. This was before the rule was implemented.
  3. As we said about, server space and spam are our main concerns. One thing that I guess people kind of forget is that these are the TTV Message Boards - so by nature, anything we the cast members post is not spam, and not regulated to the normal rules. It's like going to dinner at someone else's house. Just because they say a room is off limits to you as a guest, that does not mean that they themselves can't go in if they want to. It's their house. Same with the boards here.

Gotcha. Thanks for clarifying. But do you have to add something besides quotes?

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So... What you're saying is... If we all post videos of still images from now on, we can cheat the system?


Oh no... Please god no...

good point though

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I come back to see if I've gotten any other PMs about my departure, and this topic has devolved to fighting.


Nah just trying to clarify what the rule meant, many people were confused.


I don't think so @Vantastic_Nick.

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Just a question, if someone were to comment on a Tahu revamp MOC, saying "Yo, it's my spicy boi Tahu", and I were to reply something like this: https://www.change.org/p/rename-fire-ants-to-spicy-boys as a joke, would that cause me to get banned?

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But Eljay, is that to say, "It's time to stop"?
I regret nothing.


Easy solution, buy some WD hard drives. Storage is cheap nowadays, memes are usually low res jpegs as well. A few 1TB HDD from WD and your done. you could build your own server to host the sight as well, might be cheaper in the long run then renting for the site. You don't need a whole lot as this site doesn't really get insane traffic anyways. The most important thing is probably ram and storage anyways. Core i5, 128 GB of ddr3, and some WD Blue 1TB HDD's maybe a 500gb samsung SSD for the newest posts.