A word about Meme Replies

I don't think additional hard-drive will stop meme posts (no matter how small the jpegs is, it still against the rule unless your add additional comment to the subject) .
The site hasn't run into many issues lately; it's maybe due to the slow decrease of active users after G2 decay, finals, etc..


At the moment, I don't think TTV want to pay like $20-$80 just so people can spam their own meme's left and right.
If they want to do it for free, those user should just find a free and pick-up users in PM at servers like Skype, Discord, or a Meme Boards that suit their needs depending on the site rules.


I didn't meme it would stop meme posts, I meant the meme posts wouldn't be taking up paid rented storage if they just made there own bootleg server.

@Square Yeah, but if they had there own server they wouldn't have to pay for hosting either, ie it might save them money in the long run, buy used parts off ebay

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I'm not gonna touch on the ruling, other than the fact that the discussion was dropped 2 months ago...

Also, hosting the server in-house might seem like a good idea based on the monetary cost of the server compared to renting it, but there are a few things that make renting worth it.

First and foremost is the issue of bandwidth. I ran into this issue myself a few months ago with my own in-house server. The average home internet connection has abysmal upload speeds, which is what a server needs to send the web info to the client's browser. Renting a server allows for the server host to give much faster access speeds to their clients.

Also, the host generally gives support and maintenance to the server, which otherwise would fall on TTV to do. There are other more intricate reasons as well, but these alone are enough to not bring the server in-house.

Source: Information Technology College Student, and previous owner of an in-house web-server.


i died


Server boards and used ecc ram go cheap $$$$

@Alvarado9660 i said a motherboard and ram, not harddrives. You should be fine buying used server grade components, and if they break they dont lose any data, worst case is the boards go down for a little bit, not like that hasnt happened :confused:

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Yes because buying used things for something really important, especially for a server is a smart idea. There are a lot of things that can go wrong buying used.

@cqbchase I know we've gone off topic already but I'm going to end it with this. If ttv were to make their own server, who is going to be the one held responsible for it. They all have either jobs and school to worry about, do you honestly think they could fit in the time to take care of an in home server. The boards go down how long do you think it would take for who ever was in charge of it. To get them back up, if they have school and work to worry about.


Oof. I’ll need to re-read this several times over to remind me of this.


What seems to come up over and over in this topic is the issue of how much TTV is making off of the forum in terms of money in ad revenue. This forum runs on the Discourse forum software engine, which includes hosting as part of its price. Pricing figures for Discourse software are publicly available here: https://www.discourse.org/pricing

With that being said, there is no way that a website will be making $100/month in ad revenue, let alone $300/month. For perspective, the TTV guys are paying $1,200 - $3,600 a year to operate the site, and that’s before you count additional hosting they may be paying for the front page. A single click on an ad only gives this website a few cents, and most users ignore them. You’ll be lucky to get $20 a month from banner ads. Throw in the revenue from the YouTube channels and the Patreon, and they may do more than break even on cost of the forum, but make no mistake: it is a cost.

This is an opinion of a web designer. Images could run to that 50GB limit very quickly, and if they aren’t contributing to the site goals, I could see why they would be removed.