A young Artakha ready for battle

I tried to follow Greg’s description, but it wasn’t working so I did this instead - mostly inspired by the Mask of Creation itself. This is my first MOC since Bionicle’s return, and it was fun trying to fuse multiple building systems and still have a coherent outcome.

It’s a fairly straight-forward build, formed around a shadow matoran torso - which I always felt had wasted potential.

Feedback welcome, if you want a closer look at anything let me know and I can take some more pictures.


Darn right it does.

I give this moc an 8/10

The Gorast wings look odd.


looks good.

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This looks amazing! Good job, I really like this. :smile:


Surprisingly I haven’t seen to many Artahka MOCs since we got the Mask of Creation. Good job on this though!



Shadow Matoran torso? Yeah righ-

  • looks closer *
    My gosh, it is a Shadow Matoran torso.

I can’t really see this as Artakha,but it looks frickin awesome


I know right? It has narrower shoulders and a good natural curve to it, which I like. The hunch makes room for neck articulation, and the size generally makes it a good base for semi-custom builds.

I guess they do a bit, I like them though, they can make for some quite dynamic poses. Maybe they look better angled slightly more backwards :confused:

Same, I’ve only seen a handful, which is not what I expected. I actually started planning this long before the mask was even out so I could have a head start - I gathered up all the gold pieces I could find and started working on a more hyper-masculine titan-sized build with grey and green included. It had good chest armour and was more custom, but I couldn’t make the colour-scheme work and I found the build flat and boring. This started as a side-project when I had creative blocks, originally intended as a female version, but I scrapped that idea when I scrapped the original.

This is what I strive for.

Thanks for the comments everyone :smile:


I like what you did with it- it’s unique and well thought out; especially the wings and upper torso.


It does have its flaws, mainly the very thin and armorless left arm ending in a huge hand, which I feel is out of proportion. I have no complaints about the Shadow Matoran torso though; it doesn’t feel out of place in the least bit.

Good job overall. :smile:

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Nah, I personally make the hands of my MOCs either very large or very small, and it doesn’t bother me (much).

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Thanks! I don’t aim for perfection, so I’m cool with that. The massive claw was part of a stylised look I was going for, but if that doesn’t work for you then that’s fine.

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