A2B2C2's Bionicle Art

Hey guys, it's been a while...I was cleaning out my desk when I found some old Bionicle sketches I had done and thought I would post some of them here.

An attempt at trying to draw a Maori-inspired humanized Tahu

Inking practice on a Kanohi Akaku, the dings and scratches were inspired heavily by Carlos D'Anda's art in the earliest comic books

A concept of a G3 version of the Zyglak, inspired by Sharktopus, the G1 set, and the Lusca

A concept of Brickonicle Norik, pre mutation, inspired heavily by the Nightingale-esque archer from Oomatu's concept art

A Mirimax-styled "Turaga" Ahkmou

Mirimax-styled "Metru" Matoran miners...not sure what they were stumbling on but did this as a practice with poses and group shots

A concept for a Brickonicle version of King Vakama, back when @Kardax and I were writing "The Legend of Vakama" pitch

Animal/ Tribal mask versions of the Kanohi Huna, one inspired by a mandrill, the other an elephant

A Mirimax-styled Turaga Onewa

A quick sketch of Izotor/Kopaka from Brickonicle

And finally, my favorite sketch, Takua at the stone monument atop the cliffs of Ta-Wahi from the MNOLG. Also had the distinction of being featured on Bionicle Art Squad's tumblr back when it was still active.


Veery nice drawings! I would love to see more of them.

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These are fantastic! I would totally love to see these with water color!


That is a nice Vakama, great job! These all look excellent!


These all look amazing. Outstanding work.

This one reminds me of a deku scrub.

Whoa, it’s been a long time…better blow the dust off with some new artwork!

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