Aaardman Animations

Here’s the place to discuss anything and everything about the animation studio Aardman Animations. Whether it’s ‘Wallace and Gromit’, 'Shaun the Sheep" or any of the other series they’ve produced, you can talk about it here


I loved Chicken Run as a kid. Like, to an obsessive degree. Haven’t seen it in a long while though. I sadly didn’t watch much of Wallace and Gromit.


Wallace and Gromit is what increased my already-developing cheese addiction as a kid.


Ditto on that.

Man I love those movie, could just be my love of Stop-Motion.

I liked the old Wallace and Gromit (the three originals) and the other two not so much. The rest of Aardman’s works have been mostly disinteresting, although I did watch Chicked Run and a lot of the Shaun the Sheep show.

I grew up watching Wallace and Gromit. My favorite short was “The Wrong Trousers”. I didn’t really like Chicken Run though.

I loved Shaun the Sheep and Wallace and Gromit and a kid. Never seen Chicken Run though, but it’s a on Netflix and I plan on watching it.

I love Aardman Animation and I am looking forward to their next feature, Early Man. It looks like it could be quite witty.

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