A'Agnarak Becquerel

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I’ve been anxious to post anything since my Visorak Sentinels, posted last October, were so massive and impressive that any of the smaller and quicker MOCs I’ve been making since seemed unworthy of adding to my portfolio.

With mediocre pictures and experimentation with lighting, I’m going to start posting more of my stuff, maybe even some of my older MOCs that have been gathering dust for years.

This is A’Agnarak Becquerel, my first D&D character:

I’ve never played D&D before but I had seen the relate-able hardcore gamer Ster streaming his first game of Pathfinder and luckily found myself a DM that could play 5th edition for me and some friends.

I based my character in decent part off of Ster’s, including a differently spelt but similar first name, but I think I made a different personality and alignment entirely. My character is an old half-orc, nearing his 55s, preparing to retire from his unique position in the Royal Guard of Aethym. Rather, he was until Aethym fell from the sky and crashed to the earth, killing the entire city. Only a hundred years later, at the ruins of the old great city, my character was revived along with a young team of the core Royal Guard.
That is where our campaign started.

I’m pretty proud of the axe. It was deeply inspired by the Greataxe in Dark Souls 3, or rather from Ster’s play-through as The Woodcutter.
The trident is to show off because my trident is bigger than another player’s character’s trident because A’Agnarak is better.

To be honest I got excited to make this MOC when I started designing my character in greatest part because I wanted to use these old LEGO Knights II parts that I got in a cheap Bricklink lot. As anybody can see, filling the masks with eyes using only Technic parts is a pretty unique experience.

He turned out to be kinda mean looking. Not to mention my character, in game, will never wear armour as heavy as this MOC has. or maybe he never will wear any at all. Anyway this was supposed to be his full Royal Regalia outfit complete with the Wings of Aethym that I’ve represented in a fun circular way because they can’t make flight or do anything but look cool in-game.

But anyway, that’s my first D&D character in MOC form.
All constructive comments are appreciated and thanks for reading this far through my lengthy exposition.


I really love the head design, and you pulled of the knight feel well.

@DannyBoyy, I may change the mask because my girlfriend says she likes and earlier choice of mask but this one works best with the colour scheme. Another iteration also had yellow eyes by virtue of yellow half-length axle bushings.

Guys have butts too! Important to not forget and I wanted a half-orc to be well filled-out so that involved some booty.


Cool looking MOC, Definitely the first time I’ve seen a nuva butt on a male MOC though.

The knight feel is strong with us.

Amazing moc Thumbs up

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The weapon and the back blades look really nice!
And the head design is creative

The armor is superb, but maybe the head could have a slightly longer neck somehow.