About Tahu in his Mata form

In 2010 we see Tahu being transformed back into his Mata form, which I think is another example of sets being finished before the story(?). In my head the Stars line would be something like a ‘Greatest hits’ album as a closer for the series, and Tahu Mata is arguably one of the most known characters in the whole line. If you had been given creative liberties on Tahu’s look to best fit into the story, would you have let him stay in his Nuva (adaptive armor) form, keep the Mata form we got or even a new form?


Sets were always done before story. That was the traditional approach, because story existed mainly to market sets. As far as your question goes, I have no talents as a designer, so I wouldn’t have had useful input on his look. I was just glad to be able to do some story in 2010 to wrap things up.