About the continuation bionicle that could have been

Ok I have gathered as much information on the possible bionicle continuation that was going to be released 2015, 14, etc.


Hmm. These are pretty cool.


I built up a folder on my pc for prototype ideas and masks.


Slightly misleading title, but still a good topic.

That Tahu looks a lot like the 2016 tahu

It would be cool if we got a new version of the Kraakhan, besides the Mask of Control.

That Kakama’s pretty cool.


The mask of stone prototype reminds me of corroder’s helmet for some reason.

Since I can’t put this image in the topic itself (for some reason)

EDIT: I saw it on a bionicle nostalgia board today (it got deleted for obvious reasons ( for not involving nostlagia at all)) on tumblr and it got linked to this random chinise guy.

kinda weird, don’t know if it’s real, but it relates to this topic.