About the Marketplace category


At the moment, we do not currently have policies drafted so any and all transactions are AT YOUR OWN RISK.

GUIDELINES (Has not been finalized yet)

Do not put personal info in the topic. What is recommended is that the seller and buyer will contact each other by email or PM and work out the details from there.

  • One trade topic per member. We ask that you keep only one trade topic.
  • Only post in a topic if you are interested.
  • Do not attempt to steal trades. If the seller has made an offer with another buyer, you will not attempt to steal the trade. Holds are a gray area.
  • Get proof of the trade. Some people might claim the trade was not upheld so getting proof such as a receipt from the post office or delivery confirmation will be helpful in disputing a claim.
  • Ship the items in a padded box/envelope. Someone bought it from you and they would like it for you to make sure nothing happened to it during the shipping.


What I would recommend is that you do NOT put personal info on the actual topic itself. I recommend that you guys should give each other your email address, and then email each other about the trade and other stuff I don't understand about cash.

But please do not reveal any of the crucial stuff, like personal info, on the actual topics. We don't want to endanger you guys or get your personal possessions stolen. So if you do put your personal info on an article, it is at your own risk.

Also, show your evidence of the products you have. If you have a camera, use it to show you actually have the products, and your not just scamming people.


So anyone gonna use this?


That gives me a bit of a problem. I have more LEGO stuff I want to say is up for sale however I want to be able to change the title in my current trade topic to make it clear that I'm not just selling Bionicle and actualy be able to post in the topic. Right now I cant edit any of my posts, or delete them, or edit my title. I also cant post anything without breaking the no double posting rule. So any suggestions as to what I do? Can a mod change my title and can I just double post in my own topic?

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hey, just looking for a little clarification.

I am looking to post a topic asking whether people would like to buy moded masks. I think i should post it here, but I then worry about what that means about the one trade topic rule. I wouldnt actually offter anything through this topic, just ask who would be interested. but its still kind of a trade topic, so...

I dont know, just looking for answers.

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I'm guessing I have to keep my stuff on the site? I can't just provide a link to my Shapeways store?

Just to be clear, you don't have to be a master right?