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TTV Talks is our new podcast in addition to the TTV Podcast, where we get three of our cast members to talk about something off-topic each week. Discuss the episodes and suggest ideas for new ones here!


Topic suggestion: Terrible video games. Such as Sonic boom. That lumping turd could get a good amount of time xD

you think that's bad, ride to hell retribution, that one is worse than awful, it's terribad


That one was pretty awful.... but I would argue that Sanic Boom is just as terrible. I mean, it has many of the same issues xD

Can Marvel make any Movie?
It seems that Marvel can make any superhero movie, or maybe even non-superhero esc movie, yet when it's in the realm of the Live Action Franchise, it's going to make big bucks. So can Marvel make a film of something so stupid/lame, it won't do good at the box office?

What is Galidor?
@MaximumWarp might support this one.


I would pay to see that even if it was bad.

Well, anyway, I suggest anime.

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Compare/contrast the Transformers franchise with Bionicle franchise (plot, business strategy, reboots, etc.)


I suggest Lord of the rings, Harry Potter, or Doctor who.

@Rataghast and everyone else, please post your ideas to the official TTV Talks Submission Topic:


Well, to be fair, Kahi DID say to leave recommendations here....

I think he was referring to the category/sub-forum.

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I wasn't sure exactly where to put this, so I'm posting here.
Anyways, sorry to bother you guys about this, but will you be updating the feeds for TTV talks on iTunes soon? The latest we have on iTunes is TTV talks about E3.

@IllustriousVar @Mesonak @Kahi (Sorry if I tagged people not involved in this)


how do i suggest topics f0r ttv talks?

oh thank you.

It’s not exactly for TTV talks but I think that you should start a “top MOCs of the month” series on YouTube. Kind of like the MOC Spotlight, but for maybe 10 or so MOCs that have impressed you over the past month.

Do you think you could do a TTV talks on commercials? Or just advertisement in general?