About Vahki names

i wanna talk about the Vahki names for a moment...

so bionicle minions from 2001-2003 have pretty much the same name but slightly different according to the elements (or colors) they have like Tuurakh and Guurakh, Nuhvok Pahrak and so on. There's always a pattern, brown has a "Po" or "Pa" red has "Ta" and "Tu". but then came the vahki

what are their names?? they sound really random, you have Bordakh which is "protecting" Ga-Metru, you have Keerakh "protecting" Ko-Metru, you Have Rorchach Rorzakh in Onu-Metru? what? i guess if they're individuals it would make sense, but they're MINIONS.

so, what are your thoughts on Vahki names and do you know what are their names influenced from? like, why is NUUrakh defending Ta-Metru???


In the case of vahki it makes complete sense, since there were different types. Each vahki had different weapons and operated differently. Giving them different names is only logical.

the Rakhshi also had different weapons and powers, so does the bohrok-kal. why don't they have different names?

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What are you talking about? They do have different names.

Just check BS01

Guys, this discussion is not about why the vahki have different names, this is about why their names are break away from the traditional naming schemes, mainly with horde enemies.


BLUE = Ga-

The Vahki break away from them pattern almost completely. My guess as to why is because the names would all start to sound too similar, since most of the horde enemies names end with -ak or -ahk.

The downside is that it makes their names more difficult to remember, especially since there's no need to remember their names. Put a gun to my head and I could reasonably guess all the names of the Bohrok and Rahkshi. I can not do the same for the Vahki and Visorak.


The only one I remember is Bordahk.

I was thinking about this too, but about the visorak.

I think their names may be based on secondary elements.

Vorzakh could use lightning, and Bordakh could use plantlife

As for visorak, Vohtarak, Boggarak and Suukorak could have elemental names, with the first part being a secondary element, and the second part being a primary. The only exception is Oohnorak, but onu was probably shortened to no because it sounded better


Fair nuff, but why is there RORzakh? or NUUrak?


I'm pretty sure the names are just random, and weren't given traditional element-prefixed names to separate them from all the other "rahk" villains.

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This is inaccurate. None of the vahki had access to elemental powers of any kind.

I meant use those elements in their names, not were able to use those elements.

Ah. My mistake.

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