Accelechargers ( custom parts with decals)

Did somebody want accelechargers? No? Here they are anyway. Made using the part designer, I made 1 x 1.5 tiles specially for these, perhaps other cards could be put on them? Inactive chrome, and active translucent colors.

Update, made a modified piece to hold the accelechargers in the cars, where the card holder would be for most of them. Jackhammer is used for demonstration.


Oh geez… now I gotta try and remember them all.

From topright going left| Canyon, chrome, ?, ?, Solar, ?, ?, ?, desert, monument, fog, Cybergrid, labyrinth, storm, jungle, cavern, lava, water, metro, Junk, ice, Neon pipeline, ?, Ruins, cosmic, ?, ?, warped, ?, ?.

Hyper Jump (Canyon), Undistort (Chrome), Sound Buffer (Reactor), Total Traction (Blizzard), Anti Gravitation (Solar), Size Scaler (Micro), Wind Shark (Wind), 2-D (Momentum), Sand Speed (Desert), Teleport (Warped), Fog Vision (Fog), Folding Corners (Cybergrid), Navigator (Labyrinth), Lightning Rod (Storm), Sprout Road (Swamp), Night Sight (Cavern), Impervious Tires (Lava), Hydro Glide (Water), Battering Bubble (Metro), Turn & Burn (Cliffside), Slip Grip (Ice), Wall Crawl (Neon Pipeline), Friction-less (Junk), Phantom Form (Ruins), Light Speed (Cosmic), Air Glide (Sky), Forest Manipulation (Forest), Weightless (Glass), Sound Modulator (Sound), Shortcut (Wormhole).

Ah. I didn’t think to list the powers. Still, I think I did alright from memory. :sweat_smile: