Achieving Elemental Mastery (Photography)

Several years back, I snapped this series of photographs for an old fan project, hoping that they’d come to see the light of day. Today, oddly enough, is that day.

The photos tell a short story; almost a faux-video sequence. In it, Tahu learns the particulars of controlling the element of fire from his mentor, Hydraxon. (Not pictured, as I do not own the set) Set in the years prior to the inevitable entry of the Toa Mata into stasis as they awaited their mission, the images depict Tahu as a brash, bold young Toa, full of ambition.

Uh, the photos are a little large; sorry if that’s an issue for anyone.


How hard was it to not melt the plastic on the fire?


So, it was really tough; I actually singed the firesword in the second shot, and I nearly did the same to Tahu’s right arm a few times. Among the precautions that I kept were a tupperware container full of water and ice cubes just out of camera eye. :stuck_out_tongue:


Brilliant photo series. The first one’s easily gotta be my favorite.


Mmm, fire.

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For some reason I read the title as “photoshop” first and was gonna comment on how stunning of a job it was… Until I read the comments lol.

Regardless, great photo shoot! Tahu being that close to fire makes me anxious though!