Ackar, the veteran Glatorian of Vulcanus (Movie edition)

A recreation of Ackar, as seen in The legend reborn before Mata-Nui changed his sword with the mask of life.

I added a hand cover on his shield as a bonus.
Sword, hand cover and plate made by me.


Ackar himself is basically the same, but that sword is really cool

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Thank you.

ye I agree with Heyzorks, the moc is pretty much the set except for the weapons. The custom parts do look very good though.


Thank you. I’m conscious of that, but I found interesting to see how the set would look if it includes the two weapon variants of the movie (with rudimental and transformed weapons), and share it to at least inspire people. It wasn’t intended to be a revolution in constraction.

Maybe, if I’m inspired (and motivated), Kiina, Gresh, Tarix and Vastus will be done as well (or at least their weapon if someone is interested)