Ackar, the Veteran

“Wow, what do you think it is? A flying ship - something I could use to get off this sand pile?”
“More likely a dead star plunging to a last resting place in the desert…”
“Yeah, I guess that’s what Bara Magna is good for – a place to die.”
— Ackar and Kiina, A Hero Reborn

Ackar revamp for the #returntobaramagna collab


Huge fan of this overall, would’ve been nice to extend the hilt of the sword below his hand using a Mata Neck, though.


The silver armor looks very cool. The colored head is also quite unique and nice looking.

Overall, it’s a very nice moc. For sure, it’s one of my favorites from this Bara- Magna collab.


Love the amour on him. Making something similar with amour. Already got the same shoulder amour but that torso amour is really interesting. Might take a thing or two from it. Hope you don’t mind.