Acrecians, Class A and Class C

Well, here they are, and much to people's disapproval too. I'll admit they aren't as solid as my self moc but I still like them a lot, apparently others don't though. Eh whatever, I'm posting them anyway :stuck_out_tongue: !
Species background: An ancient race known as the Acrecians where in a war with an unknown race and enemy, they where being wiped out one by one. Eventually to help ensure the race's survival they created robotic bodies where they could upload their minds as AI into them, basically creating a sentient robotic race that observed the world in secret and killing off anyone who knew of their existence. They killed off the opposing species in a matter of weeks. Carbon and Steel is combined to create super hard armor for these robitic life forms. Each class is defined by its genral shape, size, and function.
Starting off with Class C, known for their incredible speed and agility at the cost of defenses. They genrally have one side that is compressed into crystal bits.

Now Class A, determined by its unique size, incredible strength and defense.

(Yes, it only has one knee because I couldn't find the other half of the hinge. Credit to Galaxus for the premise of the head design, though this isn't an exact copy.)


I like the first one, but the second one needs some polishing up. it needs more bulk to go with the skirt, and the head does not work too well, the green and trans green looks out of place.

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It's a visor. The hip guards look way to integrated, which is my fault, which makes the bulk seem unbalanced but whatever.

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Exactly. but if the lime piece was grey, and the trans was trans blue, that may work better.

Actually that's not a bad idea, I just need those parts now :stuck_out_tongue:

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lel. good luck.

the problem is that his torso is too long and his legs are too short (big dude)
the other guy looks good

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I must agree. Although, if it's supposed to be a dragon, then the torso is too short, and the arms are too long.
...But it's not supposed to be a dragon...

The legs are actually the right length, hip guards, again, give an illusion. This time it's that the legs atach lower than they actually do.


I like the Class C. His Torso is Cool and all, but I'm not a fan of It's left arm looks kind of jumbled, with it having too many colors that do not really appear anywhere else in the Figure.

The Class A is not-so-good in my opinion. The proportions are kind of wonky, with the Torso being uncomfortably long. Then, we have the arms. I will admit, both could work under certain circumstances, but not on this figure. The Left Arm is a bit too bestial for a Heavy-like character, with the claw-hand. Also, the gap on the top with the shoulder guard is a bit Meh. The Other Arm could work a bit better on, again, an animal-like humanoid, but I do think this one looks great by itself. Onto the legs. from what I can see of the Thighs, I really like them. They are really solid. I wish I could say the same for the Calves, though. I personally think they stick a bit too far out. Going down a bit more, I think the feet are really awkward. the Mata Foot on top of the Roborider head just don't really fit together very well. The Torso, as stated before, is really long, enough for the figure to become Disproportional.The Tire in the Middle doesn't really help matters, with it leaving just enough open space for it to look a bit strange. The Skirt, in my opinion, looks a little too bulky, with the addition of the Stormer Drones. I'm also not a fan of the 2.0 shield; it just looks out of place. I think the head is the shining feature of the MOC. The Visor thing is pretty sweet looking and the pipe on the bottom is just really, really cool. I do think the back of the head is a bit Meh, but I think that's a necessary evil. Overall, I don't think the MOC is bad, but it does need some work. :wink:


Well, I really like what I see, but I do still see many problems. The class C is the star here for sure. I really like the how thin and sleek it is. Hey it's ek! (That's the first thing that comes to mind when I see the head :stuck_out_tongue: )

The different colored eyes look a bit weird also, but that's not that big of a deal. Aside from using black and silver (again) I think it is fine, but the crystal just doesn't cut it for me :confused: Also, the chain looks a bit odd, too.

Now for class A I feel like it was a bit too big. The torso is fine, but the skirt just looks too awkward. Also the way you made the torso cladding attach on the torso just gives a bit of an awkward gap on the torso. And the tire doesn't really help with the texture. The legs now look also a bit awkward. The knees stick out way too much, and the doubled up feet just don't seem right. Also, with the knees sticking out so far the thighs don't benefit much from that.

The arms also look a bit weird, as the one with the blade is so bulky versus the other one. I get that you want some asymmetry, but, I don't know, it just looks wrong. :confused: With the lower arm (the one without the blade) also looks weird without any armor.

But other than that, they look like a cool duo that could hit pretty hard :stuck_out_tongue: Good job, and keep up the good work :smiley: (I didn't mean for this comment to get this big lol)

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Compress A's torso and other problems addressed should level out.

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Both of these are very nice

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Thanks! Eh, kinda screwed up the big one, but wanted too see where I could take the build. It's not supposed to be entirely humanoid either, I am surprised so many people say they like the smaller Class C because before I posted both of them recieved "no" as an answer if thet where good. And yet again my kocs get called another person's moc, lel, just my luck, Class C's inspiration was Deoxys Speed form actually.

These are very creative!

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I got to admit this is great.
Love the head but the face on the back of the head looks creepy.

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That's the concequence of using that type of head, only looks good from the front.

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Kay, so the short Vortixx guy is awesome, and I like it, but the big Backwards-face-Galaxus-ripoff guy looks awful, and I hate it.