Acretius the Guardian

This is a MOC made by myself and a friend while we spent some time together. This is Acretius, the Guardian of the Prison of Old. This prison is designed to hold god-like beings of sinister origin. They were placed there by Conjurer's race. (A moc of mine) Acretius was the head of all guards, placed here to guard and watch over the prisoners with full authority. What he lacks in flexibility, he makes up for in strength and intelligence. His blade can stun almost any foe, and all of the prisoners.


It's cool, but all I see is Hewkii with the lower body of a Tarakava.


if only I knew what that was... and sorry I got bad pics but he made the torso from scratch


It looks like a slizer to me.

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It's cool, but all I see is me with the lower body of a Tarakava stuck_out_tongue

That said, this is pretty schway.


All guardians have wheels for transport. Just look at Umbra.


Huh. Hm. Yeah.

I'm gonna guess you are a bit confused by it? im not sure what message you're trying to send lol

I think it's quite unique and the weapon looks pretty deadly. Does this remind anyone of a "Dwarven Sphere" from Skyrim? It reminds me of one.


I suggest putting something between his hand and the blade of the scythe, so there is more space between them. Because holding it like this makes the entire staff pointless.

looks cool though (:

Wow. . .

This kind of reminds of the sand tarkarva.