I’m taking the ACT on February 9th with a goal of making a 30. I’ve taken three practice tests so far and made a 30, 29, and 31 in succession. Currently my math score is 24, and I’m trying to up that. Does anyone have any experience taking the test have any tips? I’m studying for it outside of school but I’m kinda worried that I’ll miss my goal by a point or two on test day. My PSAT score was 1240, and that projects that I’ll make a 26-27 on the ACT. Not exactly what I’m aiming for.


I scored lower on the PSAT but higher on the ACT, so don’t count yourself out. Is this the first ACT test you’re taking? I took it three times during high school and got one point more on each test. If you get the chance, definitely take it more than once.

If this is your first time taking the test, be prepared for the science section; it has less to do with true science knowledge and more with how well you can read graphs and understand them, as well as the information they’re throwing at you.

For the math section, I would review trigonometry/geometry and make sure you have a good understanding of Algebra; there will probably be problems on rates (like rate of interest, etc.). Remember that, like in the science section, half the battle is just understanding the problem. Look over the problem, figure out what is given and what you’re trying to find, then start solving.

If I think of anything else I’ll try to post it here; otherwise, good luck, I’m sure you’ll do great!


Thanks man! And yes, this’ll be my first time taking it.


I hate standardized tests and these represent the worst to me.

Of course, I have yet to take the GRE and the Physics GRE yet.


I’ve taken the ACT 3 times and the best I got was a 25. I’ve always done well on the math and science sections, but I was really terrible on the reading and english sections…like really bad…

I could complain about the test structure and other problems with it, but that’s a rant that’s been said so many times before it needs no explaining.

I guess the best advice I can give is to not be intimidated by the test. Obviously it’s difficult considering how much impact the test has on your future, but once you get that through your head, it’s not so bad.

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I just took the PACT and the science section kicked my tail. All graphs.