Acteon - Hunter of Awesome

You may be thinking, “Hunter of Awesome? What, does that mean this guy - whoever he is - hunts awesome?” Nope! It means that he is awesome. He is the Chuck Norris of BIONICLE. Scratch that - he’s cooler than Chuck Norris, mainly because he doesn’t say things that are offensive to certain people. He makes the Inika build look good.
Take a look:

Here he is from the front, with weaponry that would make a 90s anti hero blush. Also, he has a robotic leg. He didn’t lose his organic one in a fight or anything; he just thought, “Gee, I’d look cooler if I were a cyborg,” and thus, robotic leg. Also, it really helps him kick butt.

Here he is from the side. Notice his rather large claw and gun/blade thing.

Here he is from the other side. Notice how Pridak’s foot is on his arm. Some folks carry rabbit feet along for good luck. but ol’ Acteon carries around a Pridak foot.

Here he is from the back. Look at that sexy butt. Ladies are all over him…or they would be, except love isn’t canon in the MU. Also, he has a squid launcher. Yes, he is so OG that he can use a squid launcher. And he has an Avokhii. He found a Shadow Takanuva, and beat up the guy, then took his Avokhii.

Here is his gun blade thing. He saw RWBY, thought, “Gee, a weapon that’s also a gun would be awesome!” So, he sort of made one. Here, it’s being used as a blade, and a really great pointer!

Here it is with the gun part out. Notice the shaky camera; the photographer got scared by the fact that Acteon had it out.

And finally, a closer look at his other gun, which has not one but two guns. Boom. Hydraxon isn’t nearly as awesome as this guy.


But where does he store the ammo? Unless he doesn’t need any and just hits people with it



  • Color scheme is pretty consistent
  • Bulk Master
  • “So, do you own a weapon shop?”
  • I will admit, the inika build is used pretty well
  • The right leg looks a bit strange
  • Robot leg look the same, just silver (I personally like it to be a bit different)
  • The Nynrah Ghost Blaster is pretty strange looking
  • The right arm looks a bit less poseable then the left

I would give this MOC a 6.5/10.
I like it, but it needs a bit of work.

Needs a bit of Work, but good job nonetheless. :wink:


He makes is spontaneously appear by the sheer power of his awesome.

@PluralLego Thank you. Though I have to ask, what about the right leg looks strange?

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I think it is the plate in the front, but I just can’t put my finger on it.

Ok, yeah, I see what you mean.

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Well, nobody can shoot the things, so that makes a lot of sense actually.


I don’t care who he is he isn’t as cool as Chuck Norris.

Well, it is a character and to be fair, Chuck Norris is just a normal Martial Artist Actor.

But Chuck Norris is the human form of 'Murica and is so fast he can run around the world and punch himself in the back of the head.

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So…he is a gun dealer that keeps all his merchandise on his person?

nice! the left lower arm looks a bit strange…in a painful way…

Nice work!

Nope. If he did, no one would be able to afford his weaponry, since just by being in his presence it has become 10,000,000,000,000,000,000% more awesome.

“I like pain. Reminds me how awesome I am.”


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That gun crossbow thing is awesome. :smile:

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Thank you

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So much awesome that my eyes melted just by reading the title.
Wait he has a Pridak foot on his arm but he also has a Pridak foot as his foot… so he just wears his own foot?

In all seriousness, cool MOC!

Probably still a better use of the rubber piece…

Why do you think he has a robot leg?

Cause he felt like getting one, I know. I was just wondering why his real foot is a Pridak’s foot but he also carries around a Pridak foot for luck. Did he use his own foot as the luck charm?
Anyways, I like how awesome this MOC is, it makes my eyes melt from too much awesomeness every time! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you

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