Adazai's Self Moc 1.0

Here ya go! A Moc of ME.

Back & Front:

What about a size comparison? How about...

WAIT! WHAT? NO NO NO! Not that one, NEVER that one!
Here's a comparison to Bulk 3.0:
2.0 version won't be out until LDD finally add Bionicle 2015 parts. I don't like the custom gearbox i had to use.



7.8/10 too much chains wink

the staff is odd but the torso looks good; i assume you will add the new bionicle armour clip when LDD updates

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Sure, specifically one from Kopaka.

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The shoulders look a little too wide, you should take out the bushing or replace it with a half-bushing. There is no back armor, although there are TECHNIC plates. Otherwise, pretty good! But, just wondering, why do you need a gearbox if it is in LDD? You can't actually use the function.

Without the gear box I can't apply back armor. I could add a ball joint back there as is but the armor plates won't allow it. Plus this:

The actual gear box that Lego uses is actually shaped more like:
I know because I attempted to build all of 2015's winter wave with all available parts.


Love his voodoo/tribal look he's got with the wolf head staff, chains and stockiness.

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Is that minifig professor Brickkeeper?

No, actually that's my custom minifigure representation for myself. Technically it's ONE variation of the Adazai Character.

My system works as follows:

Adazai the Alias: The name I use to represent myself, AKA my usual username.
Adazai the Lord of Chaos: An original character idea I invented. He is a singular being.

And last comes the confusing part...

Adazai Variations: Various incarnations of the Lord of Chaos scattered across ALL of existence. In other words, there's an Adazai in EVERY Universe. The actual MoC in this topic is one such variation, being from (possibly) the G2 Bionicle universe. (If you're curious, I consider G1 Bionicle's universe as being part of the main DC Comics Universe. That universe has a "Human-ish" variation.)


Ummm... that would explain @Blue_Beetle... Besides that... Its making a paradox's head hurt. That's twice in like 30 minutes!