Enjoy this MOC, it is called Addenoid, an evil creature that never stops hunting!

A question for those who read this. Is the white background color a good color for Bionicle Moc’s? Which color is your favorite to use when making Bionicle pics?!



Wow. This is such a creative MOC. I love the leg and arm designs. My only critique would be the yellow rubber band around the neck. Other than that, this is a really cool MOC. Nice work!

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Getting some neat 2005-era Dark Hunter vibes off this guy, even though he’s full of newer pieces. The patterned parts and the colours really work well. If there’s one part I don’t think works so well it’s the tail.abdomen. There isn’t grey/silver used for actual armour anywhere else on the MOC, just for blades and tubes, and the end is kind of uninteresting. It’d look much better with some black repeating parts or something like that.


Looks really cool and I love the color usage

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Epic!!! Awesome

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It looks great, I love the stinger claw thingies, the rubber band is a tad off putting though. White backgrounds are often the best, since this is a dark coloured moc it helps given the contrast.

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The slizer head fits perfectly


Beastly! Those pincers are unreal. And I like how the brunt orange looks with the black and hints of yellow. Overall a real clutch performance on this one.

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