I’m sure that I’m not the first person to notice this, but there are a lot of ads that pop up on TTV now.
When I go to check my notifications or in general navigate the site, both on mobile and desktop, I’ll get advertisements that are really annoying to close because they pop up in front of my entire screen.
I’m not really sure why this is happening, I’m assuming it’s because of the site domain or because I just don’t have an adblocker, but seeing as myself (and other people) cannot or might not be able to download an adblocker, it’d be nice if the ads were removed.

If this isn’t possible, then that’s fine and I’ll be quiet about it. I’m just wanting to know why they’re there and if they can be removed without an adblocker.


I’ve gotten a pop-up ad once per visit, on mobile. (I don’t use desktop). I just ignore it, since it only comes up once.

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I remember before at least 2018 there weren’t any ads on the boards, I couldn’t tell you exactly when though. I don’t blame them for running ads, after all, hosting everything TTV related, let alone the message boards, does come at a price. I assume all the bs with Youtube, the various ad purges, COPPA, might have had some impact on the channel’s revenue, so resorting to ads on the site is understandable.

Personally, I do find it a bit obnoxious having to close an ad every five times I enter a topic. Maybe they could implement some sort of incentive for patrons that doesn’t show ads on the boards. Other than that, my best guess would be to get an adblocker

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I’m mot a fan of ads but if they help the people running the site pay bills I’m fine with them (if ther isn’t an ad every two minutes). The only problem I have is that a lot of ads are the misleading kind (and yes I know most of the people here won’t fall for them but they are sure annoying) but idk if you can do something about it.

Ads have been on the site for a while, but usually they’re on the top or the bottom of the page. In the past few days I’ve been seeing them come as pop ups, though, which are far more annoying. They pop up at the weirdest of times - for example, when I want to view my notifications, at which point the ad says ‘no u’ and I get sent to my profile when I close it. I get that you guys need ads to run the site, I have this site whitelisted on my adblocker for that very reason, but I would appreciate if the pop-ups could go back to not existing.


I’ve always had ads on the homepage, but recently I have had a popup ad appear on the first click of every visit (I’m on desktop).

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yeah, that happens to me on mobile and desktop.

Yeah it’s mainly the pop-ups that I dislike
I’m fine with the other ones.


Hey, it’s giving TTV ad revenue (I think) and they’ve done a lot for the community, so just deal with it.

I understand that, and I can deal with it, I was simply wondering if there were ways to get rid of the pop-up ads.


Like I said, I’m not allowed to download those.

Im fine with the adblocker that I have, but before I installed it I would get a couple of ads here and there.