Advice on modeling kanohi in blender?

Ok, so based on the feedback from my previous topic about modeling masks in tinkercad, I wanted to start making kanohi in blender, specifically a mask that fits a inika head, 3d printed in flexible filament. any tips?

@Rothanak would be welcome once more!

I don’t use blender for modeling, only touch up, so I won’t be of much help.

oh. ok! in that case, @Galva_Nize you’re up!

Sorta hard to summarize, you kinda need to know enough about blender from the get go.

The best tip I can give, as long as you understand the basics of blender, is to use a modifier layout that looks something like

-Edge split

And build out the mask using flat planes.

When I create masks I do it by creating bands or strips of material and laying them over or connecting them to one another, sort of like sculpting with clay overtop something.

I also always have a model of the head I’m building it around in the program so I can be certain it’ll fit and line up properly. If you don’t have a model of the head you’re designing for it could become a real challenge.

If you’re trying to make an inika style mask, you could try using sculpting mode once you have a solid base to work off of.