Aethen and Ponix

Here is my self MOC Aethen along with his pet Ponix

Aethen by himself

With Weapons

I tried to make him walk

From Behind


His Weapons are a Bladed Shield and a Sword

Height Comparison

Here’s Ponix

Side (With and without Chain)


Far away

Aethen and Ponix together

(I cheated for this shot)

I made this MOC with the intention of having stuff to do with it, so…
his legs get big

He can also be really tall

I also used the build from Skull Basher to give him flapping wings

He glows in the Dark

And Finally…
He becomes this nightmare

Backstory: Aethen is a member of Botar’s species. He lived a peaceful life until he teleported to the wrong island. The island had been invaded by Visorak and he was caught. The Visorak mutated him into what he is now. He can’t wear Kanohi and he no longer controls where he goes when he uses his Teleportation power. His only friend is Ponix, a strange creature who always finds him. Aethen does stuff.

That’s about it.
Aethen and Ponix are the first really big MOC I’ve made from scratch. It was really interesting to see what I did and I am proud of it. However, I do recognize that it is not perfect and is why I am calling this Version 1. I don’t know how long it will take me, but I do plan to improve it in the future.

C & C Welcome


The proportions are way off…

The torso is too tall, and he lets are too short and then too long.

The shield needs to be wider and bigger.
it’s a good beginning, but it need some work. Just keep working on it.


This is a great MOC, great color, and those dragon wings are awsome! The torso is too thin and tall though, that’s way to much. Ponix really looks like a real hound, and the tridax pod’s usage is interesting. Great job!

Like everyone else has said, torso is way too tall. Easily fixed if you just take out that whole section at the bottom with the other blue armor shell. Where that green hand piece is behind that shell is about where the hips should be.

The extending legs thing, while neat in concept, doesn’t work here either. When they extend it just kinda looks ridiculous, like he’s on stilts. You don’t need to scrap the legs at all, I just wouldn’t extend them.

Not too bad for a first start, really, everything else is rather well-built, and those wings and his little beast friend are fantastic!

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Aethen looks… Um… Interesting.
His torso looks way too long and I think he would work better with custom hands. The extending legs thing doesn’t really work. The shield looks almost amusingly tiny.

Ponix is a lot better, although something seems off about the torso construction.

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Torso is disproportionate to the legs

OK this…
This is trash.

I think is obvious why I am saying this: the torso is way way too long and the legs are way way too short. He looks horrible, proportion wise. Why did you make his torso so long? I kinda understand why you made the legs like this, but I will get to them later. My point is that the torso is unnecessary long and thin, like a stick.
With that said, I must say that I really like most of the colour scheme and the consistency of the textures. And those Ninjago wing pieces are doing their job very well.

This is wrong. You realise that your moc has some big problems when you can’t make him walk.

That thing is too small to protect his arm. His ARM. How is it supposed to protect his whole body?
Ponix looks weird. I mean I understand what the middle section is supposed to represent, but it looks odd. Also the limbs can’t really move, which is odd and unatural.

Man, Aethen is four time the size of his pet. Is like me trying to tame a mouse. The only thing that surprises me is that this guy actually tamed something that small.

You realise that your moc has problems when he can’t pet his… well… pet.

It took me like five minutes to understand what that image was supposed to represent.

That looks horrible! Please! Spare us! [quote=“Inertiic, post:1, topic:47436”]
He becomes this nightmare

It really is a nightmare, but not in a good way. Was the transformation feature intentional? Or is this just a joke picture?

OK, so this moc is horrible and good in the same time. As I said, I like the texture and the colour scheme. And Ponix has a… Somehow consistent colour scheme. However, I can’t suffer watching those horrible proportions, those weird legs and that… thing that supposed to be a transformation feature.

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