Aether, God of Light

Before anyone says anything, the things on the chest aren't Nuva... (yes, what you're thinking of). It's a god, so they're pecs. To make Aether look kinda muscly, except not really. You know what I mean?


I know the grey bones underneath are suppose to represent clouds, but it's difficult to imagine.
The 4 exposed ball joint is glaring and the chest doesn't flow, the upper arms seems alright though.

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Actually, they weren't supposed to at all.

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Then I question what the lower section suppose to represent.

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You'd probably want to use different pieces for them, then.

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The torso is really too long for the body, and the arms are too skinny. I do like the "leg" design, but it could be executed better.

It looks good but I think it could use some normal legs instead of the cloud design. It really just looks like alpha quintesson.