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Update 9-16-18: Gregos

Update 8-23-18: Black Panvar
Dr. Mange, Analyzer of the Mystic Arts.

Next is Thornak.

Then Captainjay:

Followed by Iron Spider-Ven:

And The Smith Wolf and Rockexx.

More are on the way! If you have any suggestions, or would like to add your own, feel free!


GJ these look nice and deffinetely looks like you put a lot of effort into this


Thank you!

maybe a star lord, gamora, vision,groot, and mantis basedcharacters…

don’t forget thanos!

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I have not forgotten. I’m just kind of limitted to weekends now that school’s back in session.

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yeah, Im usually pretty busy as well.

That reminds me- @Spiderus_Prime you gave me a list of ideas a while back- the only problem is I don’t really know how any of the mods represent themselves on the boards (self mocs, etc). Do you have any images you think I should base the designs off of?

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“No Red Star resurrections this time.”
“With a snap of my fingers, half of canon would cease to exist, and I call that… mercy.”

The Mad Writer Gregos is here, and he has all six Nuva symbols!
Disclaimer: Absolutely no disrespect is meant towards Greg Farshtey by this drawing; it’s simply for parody purposes. He’s one of my favorite authors.


Anything for endgame? Haha

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Just saw it. We’ll see.

I don’t get to see it till Star Wars day lol

Ok- I have an idea for a thing for this, but it’ll have to take a backseat to some other things I’m working on- that and the movie has me so emotional I’m not ready to parody it😂

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Probably should wait in case of spoilers too

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