This is about the popular browser game and now mobile game What do you usually nickname yourself and how high on the leader board have you gotten? Plus this is like a general discussion topic.

I personally have reached #6 on the leader board on mobile and #10 in my browser. I usually go under the monicker "Quinn Can't Aim" The name is an inside joke from CS: Go


I would usually go in as "Blombiz". Why? I have no idea.
my highest has been #3.

I'm usually either ◬ or ☢=☮

I've been up to seventh.

I've gotten to 8th as Hail Hydra

I've also gotten to 8th as yaranaika

This game is awesome, highest I've been is #8. Name I use is "Not Food".

Just now I made it to #2 as Quinn Can't Aim and I stayed on the leaderboard for 19 minutes. WHOOOOO

I made it to #1 once, under the username Free Food. I'm usually whatever suits me that day.

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I've made it to #1 twice now.


I tried playing a few times.
But I'm bad failed at it a lot.

Have gotten to #1st atleast 5 times I go by a multitude of names but ussually amiibo because idk

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Lately, I've used the name Rachel a lot.

Which, I just remembered, is the basis for my username. First three letters of Rachel.

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Ignore the Mario Kart pictures, you saw nothing. I use the name Phil, because I have never heard of anyone actually being named Phil. I've recently used a bot to play, but I used to be alright at it.
This was my highest score:

This was my highest score with the bot, I actually got #3 on the leaderboard with it, I just didn't screencap it.

And here's just a pretty picture:


just got first lol


Today I learned: do not accidently go to trying to go to It's a stupid scream-site or whatchamacallit.


so i saw this topic and decided to play some

i got #2 in the first 5 minutes, stayed on the leaderboard for 25 minutes



You can't call us scrubs if you can't even spell scrubs correctly.


Yeh, but how many people were on that map?

I joined a map once that had six people.

I got #1 quite a few times and i call myself TOAK IS ME

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omg this is super scary1!!11!111!one!one


why did it have to be