Agaron the Historian (updated) and his team

Agaron was my first CCBS creation. After some feedback from his first version and after getting more parts, I redesigned him.

I came up with a small story that involves all these guys. It takes place on the island of Rannu (not Raanu) which is an island filled with inhabitants with a thirst for knowledge about their world, but also fierce warriors at the same time. This next guy is Tranopa the Paleontologist:

Xyakia the Oceanologist:

Baracar the Archaeologist:

Muru the Archivist:

That’s it for these. They are pretty simple, but they were fun to make. Happy MOCing!


Agaron’s colors are nice, but the back of his legs could use some more armor.

Tranopa’s colors are fantastic. I don’t see the purple and white together all that often. The crossbow is also very well done. His neck looks somewhat awkward though.

Xyakia is my favorite of the bunch. No real criticisms here.

Baracar’s elbow rockets remind me of Pacific Rim. I loved that movie, and love this MOC. However, the rest of his body could a little more red so that his hands don’t look so out of place.

From what little I can see of Muru, he looks like he has a nice custom build.

Overall, you did a great job with this team!

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@Chromeharpoon Thanks for the tips! Any piece in particular that you would suggest for armoring the back of Agaron’s legs? I was thinking maybe a small technic assembly.

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I was thinking of some small CCBS shells (which would mean completely redesigning the legs), but if you feel that a technic assembly would look better, go for it!

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I will post pictures of some other legs tomorrow, and another picture of Muru.

Edit- So for some reason, when I put the whole picture in, it only shows the upper half. Sorry about that.

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These are awesome! Tranopa is the best, mainly due to his color scheme.

So I came up with another lower leg for Agaron as @Chromeharpoon suggested:

I like it better than the original designs, so I am going to keep it this way.

An another Muru picture, whole body this time:


Agaron’s legs look much better now! As for Muru, his hips could stand to be widened just a little. Other than that, he looks pretty solid. Keep up the good work!

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These are all super creative and have lot’s of character :slight_smile: nice job man, keep it up!