Agent Locke Mattel Figure(Customized)

So I painted my Locke 6" figure up to be more game accurate. I've added silver, gunmetal, metalic tones to the neck and spine(also to the shoulder armor), and gave him a pretty heavy black wash to really soak in the detailing in the mold.

If anyone has the base fig, you'll know just how much better Locke looks in comparison. I'm pretty happy with him and will show off the others I've worked on soon.


For a brick(the original fig), you made him look pretty good.

He looks sick! Super game-accurate. Though I can't really appreciate him as much without seeing the original 6". Have you got a good pic to compare him to (I can't find a decent one on Google)?

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Here's the difference:

(The base)

(My custom)
The custom just has more color, tones, and such. But the wash helps a lot too.


It looks really nice

Looks really good, it feels great

But how does it smell?

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Like victory and paint


This looks really, really fantastic. Great work! :smile:

Looks pretty awesome.