Agori or Glatorian?

Side note: The Skrall, Bone Hunters, Vorox, and Zesk are all related to the Glatorian and Agori. Vorox and Zesk were Glatorian and Agori of the Sand Tribe that had their bodies altered by the Great Beings, and then slowly regressed into their primal instincts after the Shattering. The Skrall species is distantly related to the Glatorian species from some point in the past. And the Bone Hunters were once Rock Tribe Agori.

Nope. The Great Beings are a prime example of Glatorian (which by the way, is only the name of people like Gresh or Kiina, their actual species name is not know) doing something other than fighting for their tribe.

No, that doesn’t happen. He/She actually does count as a Glatorian, I think, but they aren’t part of the species. I’m not sure, though.

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They’ve been shown to put on armor to conflict with glatorians.

They did not change species that I know of.

The only Agori who’s directly fought Glatorians in the story is Sahmad. Agori do not fight in standard arena matches and the vast majority do not fight at all.

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“We’re just agori! We’re not gonna fight a glatorian…” - Raanu as Strakk proceeds to murder Ackar