Agori or Glatorian?

I never understood one thing: are the Agori and the Glatorian same species?
I meen… Where are the Glatorian come from? In the Matoran Universe he

would transform in he

at some point.

On Bara Magna he

would transform in he

or what?


Agori and Glatorian are different species, both natives of Spherus Magna. After the Core War and the Shattering of the planet, Agori decided to hire Glatorian to solve disputes between villages, as they had basically nothing left to fight with.


Agori don’t transform into Glatorian. Rather, Agori and Glatorian and different species, one smaller and less powerful, the other stronger and more powerful. The Great Beings are part of the Glatorian species.


Agori and Glatorian can’t turn into each other. They’re two separate species entirely.

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I wonder how big a baby glatorian is compared to an adult agori…


Never once has this been said.

The only depictions of the great beings thus far have been of hooded figures with no description of their physical traits beyond size.


Have you ever read bso1?


I suggest you read the Ask Greg archives when he confirmed this.


I think you missed a few news reports

And yeah Agori are at their only forms, Glatorians are their own species

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Is it just me or does this imply that the great beings had their minds altered be annona?:

"In their early years on Spherus Magna, the Great Beings encountered the native entity Annona, who tried to use her powers to feed on their dreams. However, Annona found their minds too strange to alter, and the Great Beings instead used the energy to achieve new heights in their creating.[ST, Ch. 5]

The Great Beings, imbued with limitless creativity and superior intelligence, created many technological marvels that amazed the Agori."

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The problem here is that they’re portrayed as a whole mother species, when they said they’re the same thing

Continuity for Bionicle is weird

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Yeah, I’d honestly have the great beings be their own thing, instead of extremely clever glatorian scientists, and be more like the manifestation of us who build the toys.

There’s a great being discussion topic elsewhere

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Fair enough,

I stopped reading Ask Greg off the LMBs because the site started to get severely on my nerves.

I guess I missed a bunch of lore.

So the Glatorian are born to fight? When I sad he turn in he, I was refering at the idea that when a Agori decide to be a warrior, he take a new armor and bam! he is a Glatorian.

Not necessarily, some of them work as guards or help protecting caravans.

No, that can’t happen. Agori can take part in arena fights though. They generally fight with vehicles.


I really HATE the idea that a species is born to do things.

I was reffering at the idea that a Agori became a Glatorian.

In fact, Glatorian were not born as fighters, they just took this role after the core war.


In the story, when an Agori wants to be a warrior, they make a vehicle usually.


I think it’s just that they’re bigger and stronger, so naturally, they’re better warriors. There are Glatorian who aren’t warriors, too.