"Ah, Toa Of Snow And Slush..."

In the 14th issue of the Ignition comics, Lewa and Kopaka are taking amongst themselves in the midst of a battle. Lewa asks Kopaka what he thinks is in the Codrex, and Kopaka says he wants it to be something that shuts Lewa up. To which Lewa says “Ah, Toa of snow and slush, I’d almost ever-forgotten how much fun you aren’t.” It’s clearly meant as a semi-insult to Kopaka, who’s honestly kind of a killjoy.

But it kind of makes me wonder…Kopaka is the Toa of ice, but could his cryokinesis really extend to snow and slush?

Even though we tend to think of snow and ice as separate things, they’re both technically water in a solid state. Snow is made of tiny ice crystals that are all lumped together. It can be used to create snowmen, snowballs, or other snow sculptures. But if snow is really just another form of ice, then maybe Kopaka COULD have control over it. And honestly, the idea of Kopaka generating a bunch of snowballs to throw at the Makuta makes for a very amusing mental image.

Slush is a different case. When hearing “slush,” the first thing that comes to mind is the slushy drinks you get at gas station convenience stores. Those slushies aren’t unlike natural slush, which is snow that’s either partially melted or mixed with water. This is where we run into a problem. A lot of people have quibbled with water and ice being separate elements, since ice is technically water. And if we’ve got a substance that’s both ice and water, then who could control it? Kopaka or Gali? If the substance is more liquidous, then I’d say Gali is more likely.

Of course, something like this did come up in Season 11 of Ninjago. There, we saw Nya exhibit some control over the element of ice because, again, ice is technically water. Even though Ninjago is in an entirely different universe than Bionicle, we have seen some examples of gray area between elements, most notably Earth Vs. Stone. So maybe it would be possible for Kopaka to control slush, since it’s at least partially made of snow/ice. :thinking:

I’m pretty sure the writer was just using flowery language.

Not everything has to or should be taken at face value.


Yes, Kopaka can control snow. He regularly controls snowstorms, like stopping the snowstorm in Ko-Wahi in Mask of Light.

As for slush, let’s put it this way: a river of water can carry leaves, but leaves won’t stop a river. Same principle here: Kopaka could manipulate the snowy particles in it, but Gali would be able to control it


I love this type of over thinking! It reminds me of the debates about what benders can do in the Avatar TLA/LoK series. I’ve always wondered about Ice even being separate from water but then figured it was sort of tied to temperature rather than actual substance. I think he could do it if he really tried.
I kind of see the overlapping elements of the main six Toa in two ways: First, it’s a personification of their need for unity and relying on each other as we see when they combine their powers. The other is that in the greater universe where you have mix matched Toa teams, if you are missing one another could step in as back up.
Tahu and Kopaka both control opposite ends of the temperature spectrum, Onua and Pohatu are both tied to the physical structure of the island, Lewa and Gali are part of travel and weather and life. They can all help each other with various things by combining their powers to make storms, mudslides, supper heated then super cooled materials, magma, maybe plasma, etc. and if all together protodermis, and each play an essential part in making organic life grow on the Island.


I’m assuming Kopaka could control slush, but only if it is mostly frozen. This is an interesting question…