Ahi: warrior of the light

Sadly no back story for her. Might ad one later.

C&C is welcome, as always.


It’s OK. I would smooth out the chest and shorten the neck.


The torso is iddly textured compared to the arms

@Jakanader thanks. i’l see what i can do

@RogueToa yeah i know. it’s not the best

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I would smooth out the chest, the texture is all over the place. Also shorten the neck.

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Pretty good, but the neck is too long.


Besides the obvious giraffe neck, this is pretty good beside how bad the smooth legs clash with the torso

I think it’s ok, the neck is a tad long and the blue in the wings could change, but other than I like the torso and lower arms.

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Could use some improvements, but to be fair, i was never the best at custom torsos.

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