Ahnara- Professional Kanohi Model

She's very compatible with kanohi, hence her job. Her backstory is still a WIP, haven't got anything fleshed out yet. I really quite like her. Ahnara is very filled out, I did my best to remove any gaps, and I kinda want to make her my flagship character, of sorts.

Anyways, get ready for a lot of Kanohi-wearing

Gender: Female

Species: Toa (Matoran)

Element: Sonics

Occupation: Toa Hagah, Kanohi model

Kanohi: Various, Typically Volitak

Tools: Designer Blade

I hear Ganon saw this ad


That's a lot of masks. Does she have identity issues?

Great MOC. I love the usage of the Nuva chest and KK armor.

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I want some KK armor...I need it for a MOC actually..

But I like this MOC. Neat concept too...also similar to another MOC I have stuck deep in the pipeline.

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Very dull colors, although she is a character of Sonics.

.>designer blade
.>not scissors

0/10 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Pretty nice, though the arms don't match the rest of the moc.
But she appears to have hair, which is subjectively awful imo.

Arms don't really work for me though apart from that she looks pretty good.

@Dr_Chronos Erm... no. Not necessarily. It's just her job.

@PakariNation99 Interesting... I wonder how so.

@SwagMeister Dang right she is.



@Stoax I'll give you that... maybe I'll add longer CCBS shells

my mental process

designer blade>
Kill la Kill

you create a character who's a model with a designer blade and you don't make the visual pun of it being scissors.


A toa that is a Kanohi model... I freaking love it.

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The arms to me are a bit lanky compared to the rest of the moc. im digging the torso design though.

You'll see...a similar concept to that the character uses a lot of masks.

The design of this MOC is amazing!

@ChaoticTempleKnight Ikr

@Extra_Cups My thoughts exactly

@PakariNation99 I can't wait... :kissing:

@Oniwah Thank You!