Ahnja, the Matriarch

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It’s been a long time since I’ve done one of these, hasn’t it?

“They don’t like to be disturbed, those things that live down there, especially by us surface-dwellers. They have a queen, a leader of sorts. She’s not aggressive, but she sure doesn’t take well to unexpected guests…”

Front view.

Side view.

Back view.

A close up look at the legs.

A good side angle of the legs up close.

Close up of the waist.

Close up on the shell. This was the hardest part of the MOC, but by far the part I’m most proud of.

Torso close up.

She fell apart mid-photo session. Figured I’d might as well show a bit of the internal construction. The torso is actually largely made up of big pieces, namely Bohrok head pieces and a Rahkshi body.

Close up on the head.

The shoulder pads aren’t connected to ball joints, but they can still move basically anywhere, even out of the way of her arms.

A couple interesting shots:

A bowing pose. Very few have earned this creature’s respect.

Figured I’d give my commentary after the showcase.

So this is Ahnja (pronounced On-ya). Story wise, she’s the matriarch of a clan of highly evolved beetles that live in a yellow submarine deep below the surface. These beetles have gained a high degree of intelligence over the course of their evolution, forming their own tribal systems overseen by a matriarchal queen, and their forms have shifted to become massive and bipedal.

Ahnja was the result of another sudden MOCing inspiration I had very recently. She was built a day before this writing, and I practically spent all day on her. My original intent was to do a complete rework/revamp of an older MOC called “Andraeas the Quicksilver,” but my recent obsession with Hollow Knight made me go in this direction.

Unlike a lot of my other MOCs, Anja’s building actually went relatively easy, aside from the first few hours of figuring out how to make her torso. I started from the legs and worked my way up, finishing with the arms, which may look obvious, but their simplicity was an intentional choice.

By and large, the hardest part of the MOC was the shell, but it was beyond worth its trouble. I played around for a few hours on what kind of pieces I could use before settling on just using a bunch of rubber hoses, which would have looked fine, just extremely gappy. Lo and behold I discovered I had way too many Nuva chest armors and managed to find a way to fit them on the tubes, and voila! Although it’s still pretty gappy from the side, I think the shell is probably the most impressive thing I’ve made on a MOC yet, and I’m very proud of it!

Other things I really like are the legs and the shoulders. Those of you who followed me on MOCPages might recognize the weapon as Liala’s halberd, which I’ve kept. Overall I’m really happy with how this MOC turned out!

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Read all of it. In return for the cookie, have some milk!:milk_glass:

EDIT: forgot to y’all about the MOC… I love it! The parts usage is great! A potato for your work! :potato:

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Nice moc, I like the color scheme, although the placement of the white cloth thing makes me uncomfortable.


The placement of the Takadox heads makes them stick out a bit much, especially from the back. The eyes could also use a recolor so that it’s easier to pick them out as eyes.

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Wonderful form.

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The simplistic arms and tail are not something I would have expected to see, but flow very well, especially for a Beatle beetle theme. I also see you’ve found how useful and stable those gen 2 feet molds can be, with a few added parts.
Only improvements I could see would be filling some gaps or switching some internal parts for white variants, to go with the arms, hands and part of the legs, or just eliminating the white part of it for some more black.
White ball joints on the inside wouldn’t be a bad touch. I wonder where one could get those…


Did someone say hollow Knight??? Do more stuff like this please

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I dig the shaping in a lot of places, but the colors very very muddled and muted. The entire head really gets lost in the massive upper body.

Love that halberd build though.

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That might be because I tend to remove a lot of the unneeded colors in editing (I removed all red from this one for instance), but doing so does often tend to make the grays and silvers more muted when I mess around with the colors.

So I think it might just be a photo editing issue, but the head getting lost in the body is a valid critique, thank you!

And thanks! I’ve had that halberd for quite a long time, and I think this might be one of the first times I’ve had anyone say anything about my weapons. :laughing: