Ailan, evil Toa of Air

This is what I'm planning on entering in the new Bionicle competition. Basically, he's a rogue Toa of Air wielding a Cordak Blaster and the mysterious Doom Stick. First, the model I made for reference:

Only one foot because I only had one dark green boot piece.
From that, I made this:

Trying to make it look as close to the small one as possible. Here he is on his own:

And here is a close-up of his head:

I did my best to capture the grin of the Miru. Not as good as I might've hoped, but okay. I think the head, Cordak Blaster, and feet are my favorite parts.
Also, for those who can't tell, the smaller model has a custom head. I had to do this to attach the Miru. I wanted to use the Trans-light Green Miru I have, but I couldn't find it, so I made do with Mata Green.
I plan on entering both of these in the contest eventually.


You don't have to make a model huge for it to win.

I personally think that it would be better if you put more focus into quality, rather than quantity. (e. g. make it smaller)

I love this topic.
I saw the title* and the very first picture only.
Then I scrolled down, am impressed.


What's a tital?

Very good, I'm certainly impressed.

I know that, but the very idea of this MOC was 'go big or go home'. If I do any others, they'll be smaller.