AKA Jonathan Juan (Ask Kahi Anything)

I've been in the public school system so long now I just follow trends.

Ask me anything about everything. No topic is off limits, except the topics that are off limits.


dear kahi

what are the topics that are off-limits?

also what happened to the Dear Kahi advice column?


Is the reason you love money so much because you manage it so poorly?

Also, will you join my Mafia game? ;(


(oh boy, generic question time!)
Kahi what is your opinion of all of the cast members?

also will Meso and Var put up an "Ask Meso" or "Ask Var" topics?

There actually really aren't any. If someone actually does ask something off limits, I'll let them know.

short answer: yes

long answer: unlike some people I actually have RESPONSIBILITIES that I need to attend to. Also friends.

But really, paying for a house isn't cheap, especially if you're in the worst winter the area's seen. Also, maintaining a car is rough. My car battery and one tire went out last week, totaling for a $170 expenses that I did not expect coming.

Have a budget, stick to it, etc. Can't overemphasize how important that is. That being said, it also helps if you don't have to pay for rent, utilities, internet, gas, car maintenance, school, and a social life. I had to give up some to get the other. No regrets.

(also I go to church so I tithe. hint hint cough cough)

Real answer or funny answer?

Meso might. Var also might, but he said he didn't felt like it when I asked him. He said he might make it a humorous one if he did.




Well, I'd like to hear the real answer first (funny answer after)

Would you consider bringing Live Pretentiously back for one episode for the new Bionicle app Game?

Also, Eljay as the guest on that one, that'd be legit


Do you actually have a wife and kids?

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Will you sue my enemies?

What are your favorite movies? You can say just one or your top few.

In my Shapherian cartoon rendition of you, you have a briefcase holding something awesome and mysterious within. What would you like to have inside of it?

Kahi, where'd you learn your espionage skills?
Also, Mass Effect Indoctrination theory, what is your opinion?

What's your favorite BIONICLE set from G1 or 2.

Alright Kahi, since you said "anything about everything," what would you do if your all time favorite character from any medium (anime, cartoons, books, etc) was a hobo asking you for some change?


What is your favorite non-bionicle set? Also, I assume you study social engineering. If you get a degree in that what jobs can you get?

What is your favorite number?

If you could meet any band backstage, which would you pick?

What is your step-by-step guide to taking over the world?

I would like to know about how you feel about the Marvel reboot. Are you excited or not?

How do I make friends?
I would like a reason that won't get me arrested like what Takuma advised me