Akamai Nuva (revised)

Here's my revision of Akamai Nuva. I'll start out by saying I was very impressed with the original design. My design is only slightly different from the original, it just need a few tweaks in my opinion.

I don't have all the pieces of Onua Nuva or Tahu Nuva so I had to use pieces of a slightly different color. Which is why the Kanohi Hau Nuva is Black. (For some reason, the Hau Nuva always reminded me Darth Vader's helmet, so when I look at this black Hau Nuva I think "Darth Tahu".)

I've added a gear function to his hips and I've altered his weapon. I elongated his feet which give him better support. I feel the elongated feet are very reminiscent of how some of the Toa Nuva's feet appear longer when they use their dual-function weapons on their feet.

Here's a better looks at his weapons.

Building instructions are available on BrickShelf.



Even when in Kaita form, Pohatu gets gypped when it comes to weapons.

Love these.

What does one weapon have that extra black piece?


Not enough pieces in the set to make both weapons look the same.

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Easily my favorite of your Kaita yet. Gratz mate.

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Cannot unsee