Akhena. Toa of Telekinesis.

I like the Kakama with Mata feet the best. But the Miru with the Slizer feet isn’t bad either.

Alt masks


Photoshop Color Swap


This is just candy to the eyes, like all of your other MOCs, I love the variety of parts and useful colors you coordinate with this MOC, I really like how inventive your style is, like how you repurposed that Roborider wheel for chest armor. Also I cannot stress how pleasing that color scheme is.

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Those reinhardt shoulders are just, chef’s kiss.


I actually prefer the slizer feet with the Miru. I feel like the Mata feet are a bit too large and bulky for the narrow shins. Otherwise this MOC has the same great design style as the rest of yours. Really neat color scheme, and the greebling looks great.

Purely out of curiosity, how long do you keep your MOCs built?

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This just looks fantastic. I like the colors and the use of the Rahkshi thighs with CCBS shells. Even if I were a real MOC connoisseur, there’s nothing off about it.

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Thanks! A couple of weeks usually. Until I either run out of shelf space, or I need the parts for a new build. At any one time, I probably have 8 or so assembled on the shelves.


The color scheme is looking mighty fine, but I’m especially fond of the arm cannon. I’m a sucker for those.

I also agree that the Kakama/Mata feet combo looks the best.


Nice moc!

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That color scheme is slammin’! Great Job!

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