Akila The Bane of Makuta

Akila Is Known to most as the Bane of Makuta because she shall prevent the rebirth of Makuta Haritan





One word:



As with @PluralLego:

The back could definitely use more armor.


Well i did try to add Back armour but it wont fit

Have you try using this? construction_worker

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yes i have but to no avail

quite the golden girl here

Gets shot with a zamor sphere


Not what I would call incredible but it's definitely one of your best based on the fact that it's symmetric, not awkward, and keeps to its color scheme.


Simple, though effective. The Gali mask throws me off though due to her recognisability.


I'm sorry but
this doesn't look feminine in any way

But it doesn't look that bad,for an inika build

actually the skeleton appears to be just HF bones

otherwise it's a toa, so... it's subjective whether the toa should look feminine or not

Oh my god
the back picture is so blurry,i didn't notice.

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I like the overall look of it. Even being a really REALLY simple build it still looks cool.

It is one thing I do with a lot of my own MOC: using the Inika-Build and trying to get the best out of it.

Will you update the keetorange parts to gold sometime, because the break the color scheme and look very out of place. wink

It's pretty simple, but it reminds me of my old Inika builds. (Even though it isn't really. It does have similar proportions though)

this doesn't look feminine in any way

Yet the question is; what makes it feminine?

I don't believe Bionicles give birth, as confirmed by Greg Farshtey; so there'd be no need for breasts or wider hips/thighs?

the thing is, being able to tell a characters gender from a physical point helps get across part of the character.

it's just unfortunate that without subtlety and finesse it more that usually comes out looking, let's go with 'bad'.
(with 2015 gali being a prime example of it being done well enough.)


Well here's the problem in have run out of gold pieces that will fit the arms and the lower legs

I'd understand that, yet unless someone specifically wants it to look feminine, I don't see any point of deducting points/marks/whatever from the moc itself.

without subtlety and finesse

I understand that, I see a lot of people taking things way out of proportions, 2015 Gali is a bit feminine, though even you have to make sure you pose it right to look any way feminine-in my opinion, at least.

I'm fine with people trying to make a Bionicle look feminine, though otherwise I don't think it makes a difference. They're all pretty much robots anyways.

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Thank you @Blaiz1t

Being honest, still no excuse for a back not covered up at all. Try adding technic or something, fill it up.