Akomu, son of Ekimu

So I've had some reservations about posting this MOC here because of how simple it is. But on the other hand; I put some effort into the back story and he is a counterpart to one of my MOCs here on the boards. So here is Akomu, son of Ekimu:

And then captain irony strikes and this gets featured on the MOC spotlight, Lol!

Anyways, here is the backstory/description I posted on tumblr http://chaotictempleknight.tumblr.com/post/139028213219/this-is-akomu-son-of-ekimu-so-a-little-bit-ago:

"Akomu is the son of Ekimu, but he didn’t follow in his foot steps as a mask maker. Instead, he likes to meditate and considers whatever he makes to be a piece of art. He is also detached from Okoto. When his father went into a coma and Okoto was attacked by the skull spiders, he went into a meditative sleep. Let’s just say this earned him the ire of the residents of Okoto. Moving onto his hammer, this hammer is what he calls a “Resonance Hammer.” This hammer emits sound waves when the wings are out. This allows the hammer to act like a tuning fork and pack an extra punch when he needs to defend himself."

Now time to answer some questions!

1) What is with the lack of gold and by extension: lack of armor?

I was out of gold armor pieces...

Essentially I wanted to make Akomu look young despite being centuries old. Plus Akomu doesn't really engage in battle as you have just read.

2) Why doesn't he have a gear box like his father?

I originally did have one on him. but it made him look too much like Ekimu and I didn't like it. Plus it made him look old. You can actually see a remnant of the gear box build on Akomu's hammer.

3) Who is his counterpart?

Skull Torcher: http://board.ttvpodcast.com/t/skull-torcher/18511?u=chaotictempleknight

4) Why did you use the golden protector mask?

You must be new to Bionicle G2. At the moment, there isn't a lot of masks and a second mask of creation wouldn't make any sense no matter how much I could try to justify it.

5) No technic?

I could add technic, but I want this to mainly be a G2 MOC.

6) Where are the back pictures?

Akomu uses the standard protector build. Just take your Protector of Stone and turn him around.

7) Akomu?

I needed a name that would make him resemble Ekimu and that is the first thing that popped into my head.

8) How old is Akomu?

Physically: Teenager. Mentally: Centuries old... like Ekimu.

Alright, I think that is enough questions for now. I am not trying to dodge any criticisms, I just wanted to provide some insight on some of my choices for this MOC. Obviously don't let the Q and A stop you from making legitimate criticisms.

So as per usual, tell me what you guys think.


The name reminds me of Akhmou.


Dang, half an hour late... :laughing:

Nice MOC, he looks like a much younger counterpart of Ekimu :smile:

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Simple, but it works.

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pretty snazzy moc, I'll buy into him being Ekimu's son

He reminds me of something, also lego related...


Simple, but it gets the job done in looking somewhat similar enough to Ekimu to be his son

Very human proportions. Pretty simple, but good!

Would look a lot better without grey bones but I still love it 💜

Looks too generic

My favorite part is the weapon.