Akora: A simple Toa of Ice. (Self Moc)

Although my parts are kind of limited, since I only own G2 sets and a couple larger Hero Factory villains, I wanted to try my hand at a self moc since everyone else has made one. I kind of look at it as a right of passage in that way lol.

So I give you Akora! She’s a simple CCBS style build, but I did forego the gearbox in favor of a custom shoulder design, and the waist and skirt is entirely custom.

Let me know what you think!

Edit: oh darnit! My phone’s autocorrect struck again with the title… of all places!


When I compare it to my nonexistent Self-moc it’s pretty great.

I’d say that the waist area could use some touch ups but for the most part it’s good.


Much better than previous Mocs of that name
The Transparent Neon Green doesn’t for well, but overall its not a bad MOC

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The mask really doesn’t fit, but not bad otherwise.

Thank you! I see what you mean with the waist. It’s a little tricky to add to since the price of unification I used for the chest makes it hard to utilize the connection point there, which is why I used the big shell piece on the back to fill it out a little more? And go with the flowing appearance of the skirt.

And thank you! The mask was one I chose because I really like the design, but unfortunately it doesn’t come without the trans lime, and normal Uniter Pohatu’s mask would’very been even more off. So I think I sort of struck a ballance?

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Pretty cool

But the trans-yellow is a bit out of place.

Spread some of that blue around a bit more

Also, the arms seem a tad long.

The blue only being in the chest is an artistic decision. I see it as a sort of symbol of her status, shown as a breastplate that might have been passed down to her. From a design decision though, I did test adding other blue parts but it ended up cluttering the colors.

But thank you for commenting, still!

You think? The arms just end a little past the pelvis though, which is where they normally stop on a human?


In the first picture it looks like they nearly come down to the knee.

I’d say its a pretty good first try, even reminds me of an old toa of ice I had with the G1 kakama.

Legs are pretty solid but they can use less black and more trans blue, same goes for the arms. And the torso could use some work, its pretty messy and open looking from the front and the shoulder armor really doesn’t do anything, oh and maybe put a gold 2015 texture add-on on the lower legs to balance out that gold a bit more, and make the spike pieces on the skirt to white just to match the rest of the skirt, or it can be gold but that might not work.

Ah yes the problems with dual-injected masks.

Since you don’t have any g1 parts to use either the white or gold protector mask, or any of kopkakas masks, also remember that it can cause the balance difference in color if its not balanced well.

This list will help you if you want to paint Pohatu G2’s mask.

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[quote=“Joe, post:10, topic:27167, full:true”] In the first picture it looks like they nearly come down to the knee.

Ah you’re right, they do! I didn’t catch that at first thank you! The arms are on friction joints, so removing them should make the length more proportional.


I think making the lower limb bones trans blue would greatly balance the colors.

As for the build, the shoulders look awkward, and the waist is far too bare. Also I feel the shoulders should be more narrow.

Overall, it’s a good idea, flawed execution.

For a limited parts collection, I quite like her! The trans-green on the mask is a bit unusual in comparison to the rest of her. Maybe see about adding some more and changing her weapon out?

Otherwise, good job.

I think the skirt is kind of neat. One issue I have is the lack of white near the chestplate.

At this point I’m going to have to pull the artistic decisions card… so the mask is staying. Any other mask looks too wide and takes away the feminine look I feel I have achieved. Though I do appreciate the suggestions! And I did take a few into serious consideration! So here’s how she looks now.

The shoulder connection’s been reworked for a narrower look, and I added trans blue shells to the upper arms to accompany the breast plate accents. I also worked on the waist to add a little more coverage.

As for the weapon, any suggestions? I think the Lance is fitting because it’s what I would use personally, but I am open to ideas!


I’d recommend using a piece to cover the backs of the legs.

Definitely now that you point it out. How does this look?

Also! How would I go about getting the title changed? My blunder with autocorrect is sort of making me worried that no one will take that mess of a title seriously lol


Considerably better

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