Akull: Wielder of Necromancy

I have been a part of MOCpages for a good long while, and a part of Flickr for less time. Now I am on here and I would to start with posting my creations in my project that I have entitled: The Archwielder's Program.

I would like to give my backstory for my story/exposition but i feel it may be too long to post here, right now, plus than that would count as a teaser and not really creations. So if anyone would let me know how I can go about that thanks.

I will post each one over time in their own topics starting with today's!

Here is a link to the backstory of the Archwielder program!

Motto: "If you can't beat em, kill em, then bring em back"

Akull originated from the frozen wastes of the Ice District. Due to his quiet nature and macabre abilities, he is a bit of an outcast. However, he felt that there was no need for friends and continued his studies until he reached the rank of Wielder. Now he is part of the Absolute Zero Garrison alongside Albastru and Freezerburn. He and his team patrol the Ice District and dispatch any lethal entities without mercy. Akull lacks enough empathy to take criminals into custody and tends to take illegal measures to take down “the bad guy”. His team are the only ones that can stop him from going all the way and have been able to give him help in this area.

Condition: Deconstructed

P.S. The upper arm design belongs to Shadowgear

He is part of the Absolute Zero Garrison as well!


Well, that skirt looks quite COUGH COUGHHH

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Oh man, I think I saw these on deviantart. I loved them!


it isn't what I expected to see, and is far better than what I expected. the white and black color scheme fits his character, and the trans highlights look amazing.

Like the witch doctor look

Fantastic work! I love this guy's spiky amd voodoo-ish look. I think the torso is a tad too long but aside from that I really have nothing else to say.

I love the witch doctor vibe I get from this guy, great job

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Great work man.

This is Fantasti-cool™! Great work, this is really well done. I love the whole look you have going on here. :smile:

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Nice MOC.