Alarha, Toa of Magnetism

Wait… Scrap, I forgot to show Alarha here, man. Anyways, here is my The First OC MOC I have created. No, this is not her original torso, and it’s obvious, it’s ToaJunie’s Toa Junie self MOC’s torso (I would put the How-To Toa Junie link to this post, but I have to follow the rules of Trust Levels, don’t blame me).
Alarha was created nearly before 2015, utulizing CTOT (Custom Toa Okoto Torso) built. And I never posted her in her final form, her appearence was too lacking and boring, until Junie showed her self MOC’s torso built and so on, I borrowed the built style from her, I did slight redoing her torso, mainly trying to make a bit “original”, so it wasn’t an excact copy of her self MOC. But anyways, here she is, Alarha, Toa of Magnetism!

More pics:

Note that her element and her appearence is confusing. Number one, yes I know her colorscheme isn’t anything like the actual Toa of Magnetism (black and grey). Number two, her gender, Toa of Magnetism are usually male, but this is the case that isn’t. I haven’t finished her biography, but basically she was Toa of Psionics. However her element has been absorbed and as a result, her colorscheme started to fade into “death” colorscheme, and she gets Magnetism element instead.
Anyways, that was this post, criticisms are appreciated, and I’ll see ya next time (actually I have one MOC to post)!


This is a really great MOC. The colours - while bland - work very nicely, although it would’ve been nice to add more of the trans blue (like on the visor). The weapon is awesome and the fact that it transforms is even better! The body shape is actually really good! Excluding the hair and some of the poses, you’ve done a really good job of making a very muscular feminine shape, without over sexualising it to buggery.

solid moc mate 8.5/10

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Good job with her design overall, it looks feminine without being overly forced


Good MOC, nice complex build. And even though it doesn’t follow the magnetism color scheme, it really does look like magnetism is the best element to fit with it.

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Very good overall design and shaping here. Her chest looks seamless.

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I really like the design of this MOC!

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Is it just me or… are there a lot of mocs with scythes being posted today?
Other than that, this is probably the most sleek integration of nuva shoulder armor I’ve seen in a while, and daaaang does it look good! The overall figure is very feminine too but not to the point of overdoing it, which is something a lot of moccists fail horribly at.
Great work!

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